Chennai: A Melange of Heritage, Culture, and Modernity


The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is a busy metropolis with plenty to offer for everyone. The city has a certain appeal that draws tourists from all over the world, from stunning beaches to historic temples, and sophisticated malls to conventional bazaars. Tourists can choose to book luxurious hotels likeTaj Coromandel Chennai or budget hotels as per their choices. Hotel Taj, situated in the centre of the city and renowned for its lavish amenities and top-notch service, is one of the most recognisable locations to stay in Chennai.

These are a few must-see locations in Chennai that you should include on your itinerary if you’re planning a vacation there.

  • Marina Bay:The second-longest beach in the world, Marina Beach, must be seen on every trip to Chennai. Both residents and visitors like visiting this stunning length of golden beach and turquoise ocean, where you may see people picnicking, playing cricket, and swimming. You may easily spend the entire day here because there are so many food stalls and sellers offering anything from ice cream to fried appetisers.
  • Temple of Kapaleeshwar: One of Chennai’s most famous and historic temples is Kapaleeshwarar Temple, which is situated in the centre of Mylapore. This Lord Shiva temple, which dates back to the seventh century, is renowned for its beautiful architecture and elaborate sculptures. You may see different religious rites and ceremonies being done here throughout the day. The temple is also home to a number of smaller shrines devoted to other deities.
  • Fort St. George:The British East India Company constructed the famous fort of Saint. George in 1644. It played a significant part in India’s colonial history and served as the British government’s headquarters in South India for more than 200 years. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and other government offices are currently housed in the fort, but you may still visit the museum inside the fort that chronicles the history of the British in India.
  • Governmental Museum: For history fans and art enthusiasts, the Government Museum in Chennai, one of the oldest and largest museums in India, is a must-see. The museum is home to a sizable collection of artefacts and exhibitions that span everything from prehistoric societies to contemporary art, including the renowned Bronze Gallery that features prehistoric South Indian bronze sculptures.
  • Mahabalipuram:Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is roughly an hour’s drive from Chennai, is well known for its historic rock-cut temples and structures. The Shore Temple, the Five Rathas, and the Descent of the Ganges, a sizable bas-relief that represents the Hindu legendary tale of the fall of the River Ganges, are some of the must-see sights in this area.
  • Zoo at Vandalur:One of the biggest and best-kept zoos in India is the Vandalur Zoo, also known as the Arignar Anna Zoological Park. The 1,265-acre zoo is home to nearly 2,000 kinds of animals, including tigers, lions, elephants, and giraffes. The zoo is a terrific spot to spend the day with family and friends and contains a safari park, a butterfly house, and more.
  • Beach in Besant Nagar:An alternative to the busy Marina Beach is Besant Nagar Beach, commonly referred as Elliot’s Beach. This lovely beach, which is in Chennai’s southern region, is surrounded by vegetation and provides breath-taking views of the Bay of Bengal. There are several eateries and cafés in this area that provide delectable seafood and other regional specialties.
  • Phoenix Market City:Phoenix Market City is where you should go if you want to go shopping in Chennai. One of the largest in India, this enormous mall offers everything from high-end brand shops to reasonably priced alternatives. It serves as a one-stop centre for entertainment and relaxation thanks to its abundance of dining options, multiplex theatre, and gaming area.
  • The Theosophical Society:Theosophical Society is a spiritual group with its main office in Chennai and was established in the latter part of the 19th century. The 260-acre site of the organisation is home to a number of gardens, temples, and meditation facilities. Guests may tour the property, take yoga and meditation sessions, or just relax and take in the tranquil setting.
  • Dakshinachitra: South Indian traditional arts, crafts, and architecture are displayed in Dakshinachitra, a cultural hub. The centre has a number of faithfully reproduced traditional homes and huts that highlight the distinctive architectural styles of several South Indian states. In addition to shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs, visitors may observe artists at work.
  • National Park in Guindy:Guindy National Park, a stunning green oasis in the middle of Chennai, is home to a variety of plant and animal species. The 2.7 square kilometre park has a deer park, a kids’ park, and a number of walking routes. You may also go to the park’s snake park, which is home to a variety of snake species, including pythons and cobras.
  • The San Thomas Basilica: One of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas, is honoured at the 16th-century Roman Catholic church known as San Thomas Basilica. The church, which was constructed in the Gothic style, is renowned for its magnificent stained-glass windows and elaborate woodwork. The cathedral also holds the grave of St. Thomas, a significant Christian pilgrimage destination.
  • The Artists’ Village of Cholamandal:Many painters and sculptors call Cholamandal Artists’ Village, an artists’ commune founded in 1966, home. The hamlet has a number of studios and galleries where the works of the local artists are shown, as well as a museum with a collection of modern Indian art.
  • Lake Pulicat:Around 60 kilometres from Chennai lies the enormous brackish water lagoon known as Pulicat Lake. The lake is a well-liked location for birding and is home to many migrating species, including flamingos and pelicans. You may also ride a boat on the lake and visit the local fishing communities.

There are many more undiscovered jewels and unusual sights in Chennai that are worth investigating; these are just a few of the best locations to explore there. The Taj Coromandel Chennai is a terrific choice if you’re searching for an opulent and comfortable place to stay in the city as it provides top-notch amenities and a handy position in the middle of the action.

Overall, Chennai is a city that provides a distinctive fusion of history, culture, and modernity and is a must-visit location for anybody who wishes to explore the rich and diverse legacy of South India.

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