Why You Should Hire A PHP Programmer

There are several programming languages and application development platforms out there that would be able to give you answers to your needs. Why do programmers repeatedly choose PHP then? Of course, it is not without reason that programmers around the world these days prefer to use PHP over any other language be it Java, C#, or ASP. PHP offers them one of the most simple and robust platforms for the development of dynamic applications. Unlike most other languages and frameworks PHP allows programmers to write both client-side and server-side scripts giving them the necessary bandwidth to innovate with available resources. Microsoft’s latest platform, Dot Net also provides developers with the same kind of freedom, but there is a fundamental difference between Dot Net and PHP– PHP is an open source platform, while ASP Dot Net is not.

This is why PHP takes the cake every time. The open source platform means there are programmers from around the world working on the source code, regularly coming up with brilliant innovations and all of it is accessible through the platform. Microsoft’s ASP.NET is also an extremely stable platform, but then it does not give programmierer finden the kind of freedom that they get from PHP. With PHP they can tweak and change the way applications perform according to their visions, and this aspect never ceases to excite developers. What’s more? Almost all of the present content management systems are built on PHP and a MySQL base. These content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, osCommerce, WordPress, etc have revolutionized the way the Internet is being used, and almost everybody these days is turning to these systems to develop their website. While these platforms are user friendly you have to hire a PHP programmer to take complete advantage of the promised potential of the system.

It is not at all surprising that a major portion of the IT outsourcing work that is channeled to India every year is in the field of PHP development. There is a burgeoning industry segment in India that works to provide global standards in PHP application development. Developers in India keep themselves up to date on the latest in PHP development and customization and constantly come up with innovative solutions on the PHP base that redefine the way applications are developed and give businesses the leading edge over their rivals. What makes the PHP services rendered by the Indian industry segment absolutely unputdownable is the cost effectiveness of the service. Indian companies are constantly competing among each other to provide cheap services for the world market to hire a PHP programmer. This environment provides an alluring option for businesses in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segments to get started on their automation projects that they were unable to take up due to budget issues.

Indian companies provide a remarkably useful dedicated hiring service, which allows companies to hire a PHP programmer, WordPress developer India, oscommerce developers, sugarcrm developers, etc, on extremely flexible terms of hiring. From these platforms it is possible to hire a PHP programmer on full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. With the dedicated hiring platform most companies can now claim their share of the PHP advantage!

Is Your Hired PHP Programmer Well Acquainted With the Latest Technological Advancements?

It is not to mention that going online has become a must for the businesses. Everyone knows that developing a website is a vital task for sure. And we try to get the best development from the people we hire. It is a fact that best web development can be done with PHP. So the moment we decide to develop a website we need to hire PHP programmers who are best at their service.

It is again fact that PHP is ever in the advancement making its overall use more powerful for web development purposes. There are lots of improvements or advancements in it. And it is not possible to discuss all of them here. But we may have a look at a few of them. Hope when you hire PHP programmer, you will definitely find out if they are aware of the latest technological advancements to incorporate in your website, if and when required.

  • Google spreadsheet is now very much popular. It is great to use online data stored on Google cloud server. Google provides the API to integrate onto any site. So the moment you hire PHP programmer, do not forget to ask if they know how to integrate this application in your site with the help of “Zend Gdata” so that you can use it with full addition, alteration and deletion through PHP application.
  • To find the better ease in any type of mobile application or desktop applications you may also hire PHP programmer. But it is essential that your have hired people who know the use of frameworks like Titanium. This helps in creating desktop notifications, tray icons, window menus, and other widgets with the combination of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and back-end code in PHP both for desktop and mobile applications.
  • When you decide to hire PHP programmer ask if he or she has knowledge about the Yahoo Query Language (YQL). With the combine use of YQL, XML and PHP, addition of data from any online third-party services to a web application gets easy. Not only that extracting data from RSS, Atom, XML, and HTML documents goes easier with a SQL like query mechanism.
  • There are times when programming goes complex and usage of third-party library becomes difficult. To get rid of these situations hire PHP programmer who knows the use of Symphony. This framework allows the release of different applications earlier through hosting and scaling them without almost no problem. Content management Systems with Symphony becomes highly flexible.
  • If you have little hurry in development and want to hire PHP programmer who can give you fast development on shared hosting platform, ask the developer if he or she knows CodeIgniter. This is one of the small, elegant and simple toolkits to create best and full-featured web applications. It is a fine framework which has hassle free configuration. CodeIgniter does not use complex command lines or large-scale monolithic libraries to complete development. So it is faster than other frameworks.

The above are only five example of the level of improvement or update the PHP has gone up. There are lots of technological improvements that are and have made the PHP one of the best open source, server-side scripting languages. Anyways, remember that the web development with PHP will be successful if you can hire PHP programmer from reputed companies. Even if you decide to rely on the freelance developments it is always better to hire PHP programmer who is updated with the developments in the PHP suche programmierer. Hope you understood the importance of acquaintance with the new developments in the case of the PHP development. So next time you decide to hire PHP programmer be careful about these things.

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