Why does Facebook notifications won’t go away?

Facebook notifications won’t go away

Many individuals have been claiming that they receive notifications on Messenger for unread messages but don’t receive any new messages. You might have run into this problem if you use the Facebook app or only Messenger.

How can this be fixed if Messenger alerts you that you have unread messages yet no fresh messages are visible to you?

You’ll learn why Facebook Messenger displays unread message notifications but no messages in this article. You’ll discover how to solve it as well.

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What Should You Do If Facebook notifications won’t go away?

When you launch the Facebook app or see that you have an unread message, there is nothing new when you click the notification.

As I’ve worked with this problem before, I can tell you that the majority of the time, the reason why it’s happening is that the message is in the message requests mailbox.

And occasionally, even though you already see all the messages, a malfunction may be to blame for the notice showing the notification.

What to do if your Facebook Messenger icon indicates that you have unread messages but your Messenger window doesn’t provide this information.

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Why Is There A Notification On My Messenger But No Message?

There could be several REASONS for the Messenger app to indicate that you have an unread message when there isn’t any.

  1. If your Messenger notice won’t go away, there is an unread message in your Message request inbox.
  2. If they are not already your Facebook friends, all messages will be delivered to this page.
  3. Furthermore, if there is a bug in the Facebook Messenger program, you might occasionally run into this problem.

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How To Fix No Message In Messenger Notification?

Remove Facebook Messenger notifications

  • Open a web browser on a desktop computer (not on mobile)
  • Log in to your Facebook account by going to the website.
  • In the left menu bar, select “Messenger”.
  • To the left of the inbox, in bold writing, you should see the unread mail.
  • To mark a message as read on Facebook Messenger, click it.
  • The unread mail sign should vanish when logging into the mobile app.

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Delete all the cache and data

Moreover, the next best thing you can do in lieu of being able to log out of Facebook Messenger is to erase your cache and data. By using this technique, the application will quickly log you out and clear the unpleasant locally stored cache, which occasionally may become corrupted.

Follow these steps to remove all of your prior conversations and messages from Facebook Messenger:

  • Launch Settings.
  • Choose apps.
  • Choose All Applications (App manager or Manage apps).
  • Launch Messenger and select Storage.
  • Delete the data after clearing the cache.
  • Re-sign into your Messenger account after your smartphone has finished rebooting. The unread notification badge ought to be gone by the time you open Facebook again.

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Install Facebook Messenger again

Now, before going any further, make sure that Facebook Messenger is installed on your smartphone with the most recent update. It is recommended that this method reduce the effects of particular defects and brief problems. Updating an app on the Play Store is not particularly complicated. A better choice, though, is to reinstall the program.

The steps below can be used to reinstall Facebook Messenger and delete any unread alerts:

  • To access Messenger, go back to the previous screen and select Settings > Applications > All apps.
  • When asked, remove the app from your device and then clear the cache and data.
  • By visiting the Play Store and downloading the app, you can install it.
  • Restart the device.
  • Re-log in. Get rid of all caches and data

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Clear Details for the Issuer of the Badge

The Badge Provider may be to blame if your smartphone displays the number of unread messages wrongly. To resolve the issue, you must restart the device and delete all data.

  • Choose Settings from your device’s menu.
  • Touch Apps and select Show System Apps.
  • Find a Badge issuer by tapping the storage.
  • choose the Clean Data and Cache menu item.

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Look for hidden Facebook messages in the box

  • Start the Facebook Messenger program.
  • In the lower-right corner, click “Settings”.
  • Choose “People” from the drop-down option.
  • Below are some “Message Requests.”
  • Choose the “View filtered requests” link that is next to any open requests.

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“Do not retain activity” should be enabled.

It is easiest to fix the “unread mails” issue by turning on this option. Once you leave an activity, it will stop.

  • Set Developer Options to On
  • and choose Preferences.
  • Hit the About button.
  • As soon as you find it, tap “Build Number” seven times.
  • Choose Preferences from the menu now.
  • Choose Developer Options.
  • the Don’t Keep Activity button, then find it.
  • Restart the device after clearing this checkbox. The issue should be addressed.

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See recent messages by logging into Facebook using a web browser.

Although it is not a permanent fix, it will get rid of the annoying 1 notification icon from Facebook for Android each time you check-in. This specifically applies to Facebook Messenger’s general deployment as a comparable but different entity.

The quickest way to disable Facebook Messenger alerts is to log in via a web browser. Open Messages when you get there and look through the greyed messages you’ve received since the problem started. Open them, then close your browser.

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Finally, that is all. You should now stop receiving Messenger alerts. If the solutions listed below don’t work to fix the issue permanently, keep in mind that you might need to repeat this. A number of Facebook users have removed the notification dot using these techniques.

You can “Report a Problem” to Facebook’s support staff if the message persists and you wish to permanently remove it. They will provide you with all the assistance you need to get rid of the notification icon on your mobile device or web browser.

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