Explore Some Stunning Applications of Poly Mailers

Custom Poly Mailer

Poly mailers are lightweight shipping bags. These packaging bags are popular for the delivery of soft items. For example, different kinds of clothing and apparel are packed and delivered in these bags.

However, it will be easier for the customers. Because these bags are secure, sturdy, and perfect for shipping. Along with this, you can do customized printing on these bags too.

A printed bag can bring several benefits to your trading items. However, in the case of poly mailers, you can design these bags as per the type of shipping item.

Ship your Business products in stylish Delivery Bags

Custom poly Mailers can design in different sizes, shapes, and designs. However, you can modify them according to the size and dimension of the product.

The availability of these soft packaging bags in all possible sizes can enhance the level of protection for your product.

Furthermore, there are multiple variants of these bags that can be chosen according to the delicacy level of the product.

Choose the Bag Type as Per Your Specifications

There are some options for you. You can either choose Kraft Mailers or Poly Mailers. However, it depends on you.

Kraft is a little bit cheaper as compared to poly bags. That’s why you are free to choose the bag type as per your product’s specifications.

A wholesale Custom Poly mailer made with Kraft stock will be an affordable choice for your business domain. Furthermore, you can also add a bubble sheet inside these bags to enhance the level of protection.

Variations in Poly Mailer Packaging

Packaging brands give you freedom of design you can modify these bags as per the fragility level of your product.

Here are two famous variations that can be applied to these bags:

1.      Bubble Mailers

These bags are particularly designed for the packaging of fragile and delicate items. Especially, those products that can be damaged or broken easily.

However, these bags are used for shipment purposes. And there is a high risk of product damage and breakage during delivery. The selection or Bubble mailer keeps them safe from breakage.

That’s why crockery items and other glass containers are preferred to deliver in these secure packaging bags.

Furthermore, it depends on you that either you choose your recycled Bubble Mailers, designed with Kraft or PET stock.

2.                  Plain Mailers

Contrary to bubble mailers, these bags are without any inner protective layer. However, you can use these bags for the delivery of common lightweight soft items.

For example, you can deliver your shirts, medicines, and some other unbreakable products too. Moreover, there are some brands too which pack their products in box packaging first and then place them inside these poly bags.

Plain bags also have two options for you, Kraft, PVC, or PET. These bags are perfect for the delivery and shipping of your various business items.

Some Benefits of Shipping bags

There are some matchless and alluring traits of shipping bags. Let’s discuss some of them.

·         Moisture Repellant:

These bags allow you to store and ship your products in dry packaging. The durable nature of these shipping bags keeps your product safe from moisture effects.

Your product remains safe from moisture and humidity effect till all the way while delivery. Kraft bubble mailer does not support this feature much.

·         Provides an air-tight packaging

These bags are sealed bags. The ability of air-tight packaging can make sure the customers that their products remain safe from dust and dirt effect inside these properly sealed packaging bags.

·         You can Seal them easily

Poly mailer bags can seal easily. A perfectly sealed bag means that your product is delivered safely to the destination.

Whereas, an open or broken seal means that there is someone who tries to break the seal. However, the suppliers sealed the three sides of the bags.

The fourth side is sealed after filling the product. Although, it is very simple to seal these bags. You can do this with the iron at your home easily.

·         You can make them re-useable

With the addition of resealing tape like pinch lock, zip lock, etc. However, this feature can prolong the life span of your packaging bags.

You can easily secure your various household items in these bags.

·         Take care of your privacy

As these bags are ideal for delivery purposes. However, the zero visibility of these bags makes them ideal for delivery.

Because customers are concerned about their privacy. And these bags take great care of the secrecy of their valued clients

Poly Bags in various Domains of Life

As you can customize these bags in different styles, shapes, and designs. That’s why you can easily use them in multiple domains of life.

·         Clear Poly Bags for Clothing Items

These bags are cleared from all sides. Some brands do printing on them for branding. A custom poly bag with a logo and brand name can advertise your brand.

Moreover, you can ship different colors of apparel impressively in these durable bags. Especially when you are dealing in different shades of shirts it will be easier for you to pick the desired color at once.

Furthermore, your trading items remain safe from dust and dirt effect. However, you can also keep your clothes inside these bags for a protective display.

·         One-sided visible bags for books

Another option in these poly bags is that you can make one side of the bag visible. However, this packaging style is more suitable for the packaging and delivery of different kinds of books.

The visibility of title bags from the packaging makes it clear to the customers. They can easily do the purchasing of their desired book or magazine.

·         Commonly Used by Courier Services

These bags are particularly used by different courier services. However, every courier service has designed its specific type of bag that becomes the symbol of its brand.

The specific type of packaging makes it easy for the customers to choose the right package. Moreover, it can be a true source of the advertisement of that courier brand.