The Ultimate Guide To CERNER EMR REVIEW

Cerner EMR

If you’re looking for a robust electronic health record (EHR) system, Cerner EMR is worth a look. The vendor offers a broad range of solutions to help healthcare organizations improve productivity and efficiency.

Using this platform, medical personnel can quickly and securely access patient information. They can also dictate notes, document allergies and symptoms, and sign off on progress reports seamlessly.

User-friendly interface

Cerner emr has a user-friendly interface that allows users to access patient information quickly. This helps save time for clinicians and helps them work efficiently.

The system also helps physicians find medical records and check lab results from any location. This makes it easier for them to stay updated with their patients’ status and treatment plans.

Its home screen is customized according to each practitioner’s credentials and needs. This helps users get quick access to important information, reducing errors and ensuring that they provide quality care to their patients.

The system offers a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform for communicating with patients. It also allows them to edit personal information and schedule appointments online.

Documentation tools

Cerner EMR provides a variety of documentation tools that are useful for many different areas of patient care. It also has integration features with third party pharmacies and labs, allowing prescription refills to be processed quickly and lab results to be received immediately.

Charting allows nurses to enter documented information about a patient’s complete care process, procedures performed, diagnostic test results and medications administered. This helps nurses save time by spending less on manual entry and more on engaging patients in their care.

Auto-texting is a useful feature that automatically transfers charting data into different areas of the record. The functionality can be applied to any text field within the system, reducing the amount of free text needed for documentation.

Other documentation tools include QuickOrders MPage and ED PowerPlans, which are designed to facilitate ad hoc ordering after abnormal or concerning test results. LaunchPoint favorites are also available, enabling a quick and easy way to create order details that are contextual to the situation.

Access to patient data

Cerner EMR provides healthcare providers with a platform that can be used to access patient data in real-time. The software also enables healthcare professionals to keep information accurate and up-to-date.

The system can be integrated with a variety of other systems, allowing users to access and share information quickly and efficiently. It can help clinicians spend less time searching for information and more time providing care.

It also helps patients stay updated with their health and treatment plans. The software allows them to check lab results, edit personal information on their mobile devices and communicate with their providers.

This is achieved through a patient portal that is securely connected to the EHR. It makes it easy for patients to schedule appointments, request refills, view clinical information and export their files.

The company also offers a free trial plan for its software. This plan gives users access to full-version functionality, but without the advanced features found in paid subscriptions.

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Patient Portal

Patient portals are a convenient way for patients to interact with their providers. They allow patients to message doctors, request refills, view lab results and more.

Cerner emr is a cloud-based healthcare software system that offers a comprehensive patient portal. It is suitable for a range of healthcare facilities, including group medical clinics and specialty practices.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, Cerner offers thorough security for sensitive medical data. It also supports collaboration between different medical facilities, which is a major advantage.

Its PowerChart touch app lets physicians in acute and ambulatory settings review patient charts and orders on their smartphone or tablet. It includes voice dictation and built-in templates to simplify documentation.

It also provides a master person index to minimize duplicate records, enabling practitioners to find the correct person with ease. Its home screens are customized for each practitioner’s credentials and needs, making it easier to perform common tasks.


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