Which Hindu God is responsible for marriage?

Which Hindu God is responsible for marriage?

Everyone wants to meet a life partner who they can really love, who will understand their emotions before they express them, who will take care of their requirements, and who can satisfy both their mental and physical desires. But not everyone gets their wishes fulfilled. There are a lot of people who have been married or bound by a bond of love, yet they continue looking for someone better. A union like that has no worth. You should worship the Deities who are regarded as the Goddess or Gods for Love Marriage if you want to locate a compatible mate who fully understands you. You can obtain the benefits of your desired love by appeasing these holy beings.

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So let us know in detail which are the deities with whose grace you can find a loving life partner.


Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the representation of real love, and he lives in a universe filled with women and spends his entire life with Goddess Parvati. Hindu mythology states that Lord Shiva referred to his wife as his Ardhangini (better half). Every woman who hoped to find a devoted spouse has prayed to Lord Shiva for millennia. Every female wants the love he shows to Parvati, the goddess. So, you should worship Lord Shiva if you want to find the right love or life companion.


The union of Lord Shiva and Parvati is thought to have been the first love union in the history of the universe. Therefore, the desired companion is obtained by anyone who worships Lord Shiva with love and reverence. Even today, Hindu ladies fast on Mondays and worship Lord Shankar in order to get the groom they seek.


Lord Krishna

The fabled romance between Radha and Krishna is well-known to everyone. Lord Krishna is regarded by Hindus as the god of devotion and love. Girls still desire a husband that resembles Lord Krishna nowadays. You can obtain a considerate and devoted life mate by worshiping Lord Krishna.


Goddess Rati

Rati is regarded as the goddess of sex and love and is the daughter of Prajapati Daksha. You can find a life companion who will bring you physical and mental bliss by worshipping her. People still worship them now in order to get their wishes granted.


Planet Venus

Venus is the planet of luxury, romance, lust, pleasure, and happiness. You are rewarded with the qualities that the planet cherishes if you adore Lord Venus. It brings you success, joy, and love. You and your lover become closer over time. You must worship Lord Venus if Venus does not appear in your Kundali as fortunate. Any person without a nice love life has a malefic Venus in their horoscope.



The Moon is the Karaka of Mind in Vedic astrology. This represents your conscience. You also need a fortunate Moon in your horoscope in addition to Venus’ blessing. Anyone with a lucky Moon in their horoscope is fortunate to have their ideal life partner. But you wouldn’t be able to devote yourself to a relationship or come to an agreement with them if the Moon were unfavorable. You can worship the moon to make it stronger.



The Hindu God of Love is Kamadeva, also known as Manmatha. He is the God of Pleasures and Desires as well. Anyone who worships Kamadeva will find a lovely, sympathetic, and dedicated life companion. Along with this, worshipping Kamadeva also enhances a person’s ability to appear attractive to the opposite sex. Any person should worship Kamadeva if they wish to receive the affection they desire. He is the embodiment of love and marital joy.


You should now have a better notion of which gods to worship in order to find your ideal life partner after reading this article. You can worship these Gods and Goddesses if you love someone but they aren’t attracted to you. Worshiping these gods is also advised for those who want to find a compatible life mate. However, since only dedication would provide good effects, this puja should be performed with complete devotion.

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