White label Video Platform: What it is and How to build it?

white label vod platform

People are hungry for more content. But that doesn’t mean that content creators can just throw a random number of irrelevant content and expect the magic to happen. It is crucial to consider what customers actually need. And that is exactly what a white-label video platform can do for you.

What is White label Video Platform?

When a product is white-label, it means that it is produced by one company and then packaged and sold by another one. The product goes without the name of the original manufacturer to save money or offer a lower price point.   The white-label video on demand platform provider is the original manufacturer. But they sell it without their branding. And you can then put your branding on the product and sell it as if the product is yours.

Benefits of building White Label Video Streaming

  • Freedom from sudden and unexplained shutdown

Paid services usually don’t monitor the content in the same automated way other free platforms do. It is your responsibility to ensure that your content complies with all legal requirements. What you do with your video is up to you as long as it meets the content standards in terms of service. So, your content is less likely to be removed.

  • An ad-free viewing experience

A free platform always comes with its disadvantages like the ads in between the streaming. You don’t pay a fee but you pay for it by allowing advertising on your content. And you cannot control what is being advertised either. But you have no such issues with a white label video platform.

  • Complete control over placement and access 

A white-label video platform offers free choice to place your video wherever you want. You can place it on your homepage if you prefer and go ahead and place it anywhere across your web pages according to your goals. You can also put it behind a paywall. And the best part is the player you use is customizable. Therefore, you can offer the exact viewer experience you have always hoped for.

  • You choose the quality

Another disadvantage with free service is that they do have limits set on what you can upload or stream. There are limits in terms of file size, bitrate, playing time, or support only for certain video formats. But a white label platform comes with no strings attached.

  • The true cost of free

Free services are not actually free. You still pay for them in other ways. But using a white label video platform lets you maintain control and ownership of your content. Best White label video streaming platforms are also affordable and are built to offer all the options and support you need to be successful.

Build White label Video Streaming Platform

  • Integrations

Integration is another important feature that is pivotal in expanding the functionality of the OTT platform. So, choose an OTT platform provider that offers seamless integration with third-party applications to take your business to the next level.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

You need a robust system to build your content precisely. It helps you grow your video business easily. And a content management system supports adaptive bitrate functionality to allow viewers to play videos without any latency across multiple devices. This is the way to keep audiences glued to your platform.

  • Analytics and tracking

You need a system in place to measure if your business is going in the right direction. So it is important to have access to video analytics to analyze the performance of your videos to make consistent improvements for better results.

You have to keep track of different metrics such as the most watched and liked videos, and the average number of hours spent. You also have to track payouts for your content partner if any. Track your revenue if you are on a revenue-sharing basis.

  • Monetization

Decide how much money you hope to make from your videos without giving up on quality and viewer experience. And there are various monetization models, such as advertisement, subscription, and pay-per-view. You can also sell your merchandise, offer coupons, raise funds, and more.

  • Secured 

White-label streaming allows you to create a professional identity and allows you to manage your platform however you want to.   You can remove ads from your videos unlike other free platforms like YouTube. This way you can improve the overall user experience.

  • Platforms Support

Building your own OTT platform with the help of VPlayed will enable you to be a global leader. VPlayed allows you to launch your OTT platform on multiple ecosystems. This helps you create a robust content library with tons of videos for your audiences. You can start with a few and keep replenishing the videos gradually.

Define your content type so that it is convenient for your viewers to choose what they want.


Choosing a white-label OTT platform is the way to build your brand and earn revenue for your business. At the same time, it’s important to create quality content that is also entertaining, if you want more viewers to get your services.

Choose the right platform to offer a matchless world-class viewing experience to your users, and you will be surprised from your growing base of subscribers. You can easily build your own OTT app using VPlayed. You can get a personal account manager to support you with the white-label video Platform.

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