Industrial sewing Machines in India

Industrial sewing Machines in India

You should consider purchasing an industrial sewing machine if you already run a small business that requires sewing or plan to start one.  A sewing machine that can handle your daily tasks is necessary. A basic home sewing machine is sufficient for light or irregular sewing. However, you will be unable to sew with or handle heavy fabrics throughout the day. For that, you need a commercial sewing machine that will last longer.

We have discussed Industrial sewing machines from a variety of brands in this article. In addition, their designs, features, and prices vary. Think about the kind and quantity of sewing that your company does. An industrial sewing machine would be a wise investment in this situation.

What exactly is an Industrial sewing machine?

 A home sewing machine should be slower, less powerful, and more productive than an industrial sewing machine. It has a powerful engine that lets users create more projects quickly. Many of them include accessories like extension tables and sergers and are made specifically for embroidery and upholstery work.


  1. Many excellent features on the Janome MC6650 make sewing simpler. It has a maximum sewing width of 9 mm and can sew up to 1,000 stitches per minute. There are 172 built-in stitches, nine automatic one-step buttonholes, and block and script alphabets in both uppercase and lowercase are also available. It has been favourably received. The MC6650 casing is made of aluminium. Additional features include automated threading, an adjustable presser foot, dual retractable thread guides, and shortcut buttons for the LCD screen.
  1. A well-known brand in the garment industry, Brother, is used by a lot of people in the industry. The PQ1500SL sewing machine by brother has an automatically integrated needle threader in addition to the useful, pinch-proof drop-in top bobbin. The long-arm quilting and sewing machine comes with a wide table, seven presser feet, a knee lifter, and an instruction manual. Lifting the sewing foot with a removable knee lifter frees both hands for handling the fabric. Fabrics of varying thicknesses can be sewn with the help of Brother’s pin-feeding technology.

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  1. With simple directions and helpful recommendations included, this Heureux device was designed with novices in mind. 200 built-in stitches, six quick-change presser feet, and an easy-to-read LCD are all included with this portable sewing machine. It has a plastic exterior frame and an interior frame made of aluminium alloy metal. This machine is regarded to be best suited for novices and can handle bigger projects and thicker materials. 
  1. The Barracuda zigzag stitch and straight stitch portable walking foot machine are made for medium to heavy-weight sewing projects. A built-in speed reducer gives the machine extra torque, and there is 10mm clearance under the foot which allows the sewing of several layers of a heavy-weight material. There is a reverse lever for reinforcing seams and a heavy-duty carrying handle for portability, although it should be noted that this machine weighs 34 lbs.
  1. The VEVOR DDL8700 model works well with textiles of medium weight and up to 5 mm thick. The high-performance sewing machine’s powerful all-copper servo motor uses 3D CAD technology to reduce noise and vibration while increasing electrical energy conversion by up to 98%. It has a lifting foot and a maximum stitch speed of 5,500 stitches per minute. A top-mounted bobbin winder, a stitch adjustment knob, and a handwheel are additional features.
  1. For large projects, the Juki heavy-duty sewing machine has an 11-inch arm space and a maximum stitch speed of 5,500 stitches per minute. Straight stitching is performed by this JUKI sewing machine, which has a servo motor that drives it. The device’s ability to handle thick materials, quiet operation, and powerful motor were praised by reviewers. Since each piece comes packaged separately, professional assembly is recommended.


Q.1 Which sewing machine is best for entrepreneurs?

Much is determined by individual requirements, as is frequently the case. A company that specializes in upholstery repair can be very different from one that specializes in apparel manufacturing. You can choose the best machine by asking what is most important, and talking to other experts can give you good advice.

Q.2 The best industrial sewing machine manufacturer?

Our assortment is full of sewing machines from reputable manufacturers like Janome and Brother. But the “best” brand is decided by opinion. Machines made to your specifications are available from less well-known manufacturers.

Q.3 How long does a premium sewing machine last?

From a little over $100 to several hundred dollars, heavy-duty sewing machines can be purchased. If you sew frequently, buying a good sewing machine is a smart move. However, keep in mind that there is a tonne of other less expensive options.

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