How to Learn All Tajweed Regulations in Six Months

In actuality, Tajweed is the core of Quran recitation; one must go the extra mile to master it. To master all tajweed rules in under six months demands devotion, hard effort, and determination.

If you are interested in learning all the Tajweed regulations (basic and advanced) in order to become a professional Qari, reciting exactly as Prophet Muhammad SAW did, then continue reading. With the help of our tajweed learning techniques, you may accomplish this in only six months!

Tips for Learning Tajweed Rules in Six Months Here are some tips for learning tajweed rules in six months.

  • Enroll in an intensive course on Tajweed.

You must participate in a formal Tajweed programme with prior understanding of fundamental Tajweed in order to achieve your aim of mastering the rules within a short time frame. The purpose for enrolling in online Tajweed courses is:

  • You Receive a Qualified Tajweed Instructor

Instead of searching for a tutor on your own while keeping multiple factors in mind, it is preferable to let the internet platform do it for you. Typically, they have stringent selection criteria and hire the most qualified instructors.

Your Tajweed instructor should be a local Arab because they are exceptionally proficient in Tajweed and can instruct you on how to grasp each regulation. They are hired based on their teaching experience, so you do not need to be concerned about class outcomes. You will definitely accomplish the goal on time and have mastered the advanced tajweed course effectively.

  • You Receive a Detailed Plan

When you have limited time to complete a task, you need a well-structured strategy that you can check periodically to monitor your progress. In order to master all the laws properly in six months, your professional teacher will create a schedule based on your availability, which you must adhere to.

  • You Get a Private Lesson

If your course is shorter than typical, a one-on-one setting is ideal. In such classes, you will receive the teacher’s undivided attention and will be able to study and review excellently with the instructor. Only in a one-on-one setting can this demanding task be completed with the necessary concentration.

  • Use the 3D version to practise Tajweed rules.

Modern technology has made studying Tajweed incredibly simple and interesting. In the 3D version, the articulation points, pronunciation, specifics of Arabic characters, and all the laws are so perfectly detailed that you do not need to read the dense theories to comprehend them.

As you are aware, practise makes perfect, thus you must revise more than usual to attain perfection.

In their adult Tajweed sessions, Quran classes are well-known for incorporating technologically-based educational materials, which aids students in grasping all the rules rapidly.

  • Keep track of your errors

You can only swiftly master the rules if you are aware of your mistakes, regardless of their severity.

When reading the Quran, it is recommended to make note of any errors that you find. Your instructor will identify your errors, and you will attempt to eliminate them. Permit your instructor to provide you with a full report of the lesson in which your errors are highlighted so that you can concentrate only on them.

  • Compare your recitation to that of the Qari

Those who are passionate about improving their Tajweed and tarteel must have a Qari they strive to imitate. If you wish to master all the rules in a short period of time, it is best to record your recitation while using all Tajweed rules deliberately and then compare it with your preferred Qari. If you discover a difference, simply make a note of it and practise to come closer to it, if not exactly the same.

  • Implement All Rules in Salah

Outside of class, you must determine where and how to utilise these 3Rs:




During your five daily Salah, it is simple to study any Surah, review its tajweed guidelines, and recite it in all Rakah. Daily, you will learn the majority of the regulations in this manner.

Remind yourself constantly that you are on a very noble and arduous trip, and that even the slightest detour will send you back to the beginning, as Tajweed is all about review and application.

  • Tajweed Contests and Quizzes

It is essential to challenge yourself and exceed expectations in order to realise your full potential. Numerous websites organise online quizzes and tournaments in which students must solve riddles based on the rules of Tajweed. Competitions are arranged among pupils to assess their aptitude and encourage them to practise the rules more frequently.

If you enrol in the Tajweed course for beginners offered by Quran courses, you will be given access to more than 500 quizzes. This is sufficient for learning and mastering the Tajweed rules.

  • Listen to the audio and mimic them.

Knowing the rules and following them is not sufficient! Listen to the audio sample of any of the Qaris and repeat after them with a stronger voice to allow your vocals to perform to their full potential.

The teaching of the Quran assists students in doing so in regular classes as well. Suppose you are listening to the audio recording of Surah Ar-Rahman (Chapter 27) and seeing how the reciter pronounces the letters RAA and HAA in the word AR-RAHMAN. They allow pupils to practise until mastery is achieved.

In conclusion, Tajweed requires patience, particularly for non-Arab learners who are accustomed to their plain dialect while the Arabic accent is considerably different. To attain your objective in just six months, try all of these suggestions and continue to pray for ease in every endeavour.

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