5 Hiking Equipment You Must Carry

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Hiking is a professional activity and can be challenging even for seasoned hikers. It is not a walk in the park. Hiking usually requires around a week or more depending on where you are going on a hike. So, this means that you are away from all the comfort and safety of the urban jungle where you grew up. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you carry all the basic gear such as canvas tents from NZ in your backpack.

Apart from the duffel bags from NZ, there are many other pieces of equipment that inexperienced hikers forget to take with them. Hence, in this article, we have made a complete list of all the essential, must-have equipment that you should never forget to bring on a hiking trip.

  • Water Vest

Consider wearing a backpack for water if you are off to a hiking trip on a hot and humid day and you will be good to go. You do not need to take a separate water bottle. These vests or bags are extremely compact daypacks. They have some room for a few food items, your phone and charger, and other small essential items.

It is advisable that hikers carry at least 2 days of water with them, in case they do not find a freshwater source within a day or they get lost somewhere. The main problem that professional hikers face is the weight of the full water bottle. A full bottle can make one side of the bag heavier than the other, putting a lot of strain on one shoulder.

A big water bottle can even make you off balance. That is why a water vest or a bag is considered ideal as it evenly distributes the weight and the cold water will also give you natural cool during a hot summer day.

  • Duffel bags

Duffel bags are among the most popular as they can be worn on the shoulder or can be carried by one hand. They are longer and the shape of a duffle bag allows long equipment such as tent rods to fit in easily. Duffle bags from NZ are considered to have the best build and it is globally recognized for their durability and toughness.

  • Tents

One cannot imagine any hiking trip without tents. Tents provide complete shelter from every unpleasant and harsh weather of all kinds, including rainfall, gales, blizzards, and so on. Tents provide shelter from small animals, parasitic insects, and other pests in addition to adverse weather and climate. Tents have evolved to have different designs, shapes, and sizes.

All beginner trekkers are strongly encouraged to use canvas tents from NZ due to their versatility. The main drawback to these temporary shelters is, even for some seasoned campers, the set-up of a tent is hard and can be frustrating. In addition, setting up tents can be complicated and take a while. Moreover, they are among the most expensive pieces of sleeping equipment.

  • A cooking stove

A conventional gas burner cooking stove should work for your hiking need. Without a stove, you will have a hard time cooking food with a campfire. The cooking stove is very time efficient. Without a cooking stove, you would have to find dry and flammable firewood which can be difficult to find in damp, humid, and wet terrains. Moreover, a gas-fuel cooking stove will be very helpful to keep you warm if you are wet and cold.

These stoves have knobs to regulate the temperature that allows you to cook your food at a controlled temperature, so you doon need to worry if your food is overcooked or undercooked. In addition to preparing food, a cooking stove can also be used to boil water. We strongly recommend carrying a two-burner stove as you can simultaneously do multitasking.

  • Ropes and cables

Ropes are another crucial piece of gear as they not only allow you to climb up and down hills and mountains safely but also can be used differently. For instance, you can suspend your essential food items on a tree so that wild animals such as bears and foxes cannot reach them. Another important use of ropes is that they can be used for setting up your canvas tents from NZ. Important things to consider are that the ropes and cable that you carry must be made from high-grade synthetic materials and have an excellent weight-carrying capacity.

Key takeaway points

Hiking trips are fun when they are properly done. They can be a bit challenging to novice hikers at first, but with proper gear, the difficulty can be mitigated to a great extent and the hiking trip can be made into a memorable experience. just make sure to carry this basic equipment along with you so that you can face any adverse scenarios with ease.

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