Umrah Guide: Importance guidelines for Ihram Wear

Umrah guide

Umrah guide is a sacred pilgrimage and we have to enter into a sacred state for this journey. This sacred state is the state of Ihram. Muslims have to wear Ihram clothing when they go to perform the Umrah journey. Their pilgrimage is invalid if they do not enter into the sacred state of Ihram. When pilgrims enter into the state of Ihram, they enter into the state of purity and patience. They have to stay patient during this state of Ihram. Certain things are considered Haram in the state of Ihram. So, Muslims have to avoid these things for the validity of the state of Ihram.

In addition, the state of Ihram is the first necessity of the Umrah pilgrimage and Hajj pilgrimage as well. Multiple things are prohibited and you have to stay away from them when you are in the state of Ihram. Pilgrims Perform the other rituals of the Umrah journey after getting into this state. They visit Masjid e Ayesha to wear the Ihram clothing. They take purity baths and wear Ihram clothing in this mosque. 7 continents travel has Cheap Easter Umrah packages 2023 for you. You can perform Umrah with these packages at reasonable rates.

Ghusl in Ihram

We use the term Ghusl for the main ablution in the religion, Islam. In this main ablution, the complete body is washed by the pilgrims. They have to clean their body completely before going to the House of Allah Almighty. Although, it is the purest place in the world and we should be very neat and clean when we enter this place. You must clean your body with ritually clean water. If we talk only about Ghusl then it is necessary for both living and dead. But in the case of the Umrah journey, Muslims take ghusl at Masjid e Ayesha and wear their Ihram clothing. After this, they went to Haram for the performance of Umrah rituals. You can get Cheap Easter Umrah packages 2023 for your Umrah journey.

Many kinds of impurities are present in the body. We must have to clean these impurities before going to perform Umrah rituals. If a person has a connection with any kind of impurity then he is not allowed to participate in the activities of the Umrah journey. Similarly, if a woman is on her period then she cannot participate in the Umrah journey without taking ghusl. Now, perform Umrah with Easter Umrah 2023 deals.

Niyyah For Ihram

Niyyah is the intention that pilgrims make before entering the sacred state of Ihram. Making Niyyah is important to carry out a worshipful deed. If you have to perform any good deed for the sake of Allah Almighty then you have to make Niyyah for it. Niyyah separates casual acts from worshipful acts. Pilgrims go to the masjid e Ayesha and they make Niyyah at this mosque. They make Niyyah and wear Ihram clothing here.

The Performance of Niyyah is not necessary verbally. You can also make it in your heart. We know that the connection of Niyyah is with heart. Hence, it completely depends upon your own choice to make Niyyah in voice or heart. Now, go to Easter holiday Umrah with our us.

Ihram Clothing For Men

Ihram clothing for men and women is different from each other. There are two unstitched white clothes for men. Men cannot wear stitched clothes in the state of Ihram. Their Ihram clothing is made up of two white sheets which are not stitched. They wrap these two white sheets around their body. Moreover, the cloth of these white sheets must be new, if they are old then it becomes invalid for the State Of Ihram.

Ihram For Women

The Ihram clothing for women is complete changes as compared to men. Women can wear simple and casual clothes for the State Of Ihram. There are no fixed clothes for her in this state. But she should wear such clothes which do not attract the attention of others towards her. In addition, the Ihram clothing must cover the complete body of the woman. Only her face and hand should not be under the cover. All other body parts should be under the cover of the clothes. Mostly, they use abaya of any color for this sacred state.


In short, Ihram is the most necessary ritual of the Umrah journey. Pilgrims cannot perform the rituals of the Umrah journey without wearing the Ihram clothing. Their Umrah journey is invalid if they do not enter the State Of Ihram. This symbolizes the importance of Ihram in the Umrah journey. After reading this article, you must get all information and knowledge about the Ihram and the whole process of wearing the Ihram for the Umrah journey. 7 Continents Travel Pvt Ltd has Cheap Easter Umrah packages 2023 for our best customers. You must avail of it to perform the Umrah journey with your loved ones

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