Top 13 Tips to Help you Save Money on Holidays

13 Tips to Help you Save Money on Holidays when visiting travel destinations

It’s a great opportunity to travel, and being able to do it on a taut budget makes it more accessible to people. And, if you save money on one trip, you’ll  certainly have some money saved for another expedition. However, travelling on a tight budget should not mitigate your fun and should not make travel less enjoyable.

Around the globe, there are many low-cost destinations to visit that also include parts of Europe. There are many methods to cut costs while travelling, from carefully budgeting your travel budget prudently selecting a travel destination, car-sharing and hostel bookings. But there are still some savvy ways to travel within a tight budget, even if you are going to an expensive destination.

So, for your convenience, we have listed some ways to plan your holidays under budget.

1. Choose destinations Mindfully:

We all dream of going to luxurious places equally profuse with natural beauty. However, it might be impossible to visit that exact place of your dreams, especially when you have a tight budget. But there is still a solution; you can look for places that offer the same experiences but are cheaper. A tip for planning your holidays under budget is to look for places like Maldives, Thailand and Cambodia that are affordable and rich in culture and beauty. These places where the exchange rate makes your money go further or the cost of living is cheaper than where you are from.

2: Opt for Traveling in Off-Season:

The off-season is the time of year when there is the least amount of traveller activity, typically because of the weather. Winter is often a low season, whereas summer is a high season. However, there are always exceptions and factors to consider, such as the activities you intend to engage in. For instance, the influx of tourists in Thailand is seen during the months between November to March, so if you plan your trip to Thailand, you should book your flight after March.

3: Find Cheap Flights:

An essential tip for planning your holiday under budget includes finding cheap flights and looking for airlines that provide cheap flights. To locate the airlines that provide the best value for your money when booking flights, take your time, investigate multiple airlines, compare their costs and opt for the cheaper ones. Finding cheap flights is the onset of budget-friendly travel. To make your holidays affordable, you can also use National holidays discount codes that provide discounts on travelling services and help you plan your trip under budget.

4: Pack your Luggage Mindfully:

One of the biggest mistakes we make while planning our trip is not packing our luggage mindfully, which can unnecessarily add to our travel expenses and flight cost. If you exceed the baggage weight and dimension restrictions, even a low-priced one might suddenly cost twice as much as an expensive one you initially avoided.

5: Avoid Additional Flight expenses:

If you’re travelling on a low-priced airline, you might notice that a growing list of additional expenses swiftly outweighs your low trip charges. To ensure you can sit alongside your friends and family, you can pay more to reserve a seat. However, if you remember to pack your own, you may avoid purchasing food, drinks, and earplugs. Although beverages larger than 100 ml are not permitted on aeroplanes, the abundance of alcohol miniatures available in duty-free shops is not coincidental. If you want to avoid paying exorbitant rates, prepare sandwiches in advance and bring them through security.

6: Opt for Local transport for Venturing:

Opting for local transportation for navigation, like buses and coaches, is a convenient and effective tip to travel on holidays under budget. Instead of booking private car services, you can travel intracity by local trains and buses.

7: Avoid Buying Expensive Food and Drinks:

Avoiding eating at expensive restaurants is one of the key tips to execute holidays under budget. You can mitigate the cost of your travel by avoiding having expensive meals at various restaurants and hotels. Make the most of your holiday trip by trying the local food of the country or place for your holidays. You can search for cheap local restaurants or rely on street food for one meal of the day rather than always dining in high-priced hotels.

8: Opt for Low-Priced Accommodations:

Our effective tip to lower the travel cost on holidays is to always opt for low-priced and cheap accommodation. You can reckon on renting an apartment (that would share the cost of accommodation) if you travel with friends or relatives. Another budget-friendly way to book accommodation is to book a private room in a hostel which is a much cheaper option than staying in any retreat or a hotel.

9: Avoid Booking a Tour Guide:

Booking a tour guide for travelling can instantly surge your travel expenses. A recommendation for planning holidays under budget is to rely on yourself to explore cheap and affordable places and spots of a country you are travelling to. Another recommendation to reduce your travel expense is to get recommendations from the locals of the country or place you are visiting. Try to talk to them ad be friendly with the. There is little doubt that the locals don’t want to pay tourist fees for activities, food, and drinks. You can always rely on asking a local about their favourite hangouts.

10: Purchase a Local SIM Card:

Paying for mobile data at high currency rates can be expensive, and purchasing a local sim card can help you mitigate these extra mobile data charges. Purchasing a local sim card is also necessary for communication with home or contacting someone and finding and navigating your way about.

11: Go for the Prepaid Debit Card Option:

Converting and withdrawing money from ATMs can be expensive, especially for travelling. Take as much cash as you can stand to lose all at once to avoid costs. We recommend you go for the prepaid debit card option, so you will not have to deal with the hassle of ATM expenses.

12: Opt for Traveling During Night:

Booking an overnight flight or crossing makes sense if you have the gift of falling asleep anyplace. Many providers will cut rates at inconvenient times, but if you think you could sleep through them, you’d still get a good night’s sleep and save a lot of money, which is great.

13: Rely on Cash usage:

As mentioned above, the hassle of ATM’s and credit card can oar your travel expenses. To avoid this and travel within budget on holidays, we recommend you to use cash instead of ATM, debit and credit cards. The payment made through cash is affordable especially in countries with low rate currency like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia; if you are planning your holiday trip to such grandeur places. One of the benefit of paying through cash also includes not paying for extra conversion charges that are most likely to happen in ATM cards situation.


Planning a holiday trip is undoubtedly very expensive; however, it can become affordable if you plan and execute your budget mindfully to some amazing travel destinations. The tips mentioned above are also minor details that must be considered before heading to any travel destination.

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