Pros & Cons of Cheap Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Packages

Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and it is performed in Makkah. It is not obligatory for Muslims to offer Umrah yet it is a dream of every Muslim to follow the Sunnah. There is no fixed time to perform Umrah, it can be offered in Makkah at any time of the year. Umrah is one of the most beautiful journeys which strengthens your beliefs and gives you a very calm, peaceful feeling. It also reminds you about the reality of the world and akhirah. The Holy Kaaba is located in Makkah, where you can perform Umrah. It is very easy for the Muslims of Saudia Arabia to get there and offer Umrah but the procedure for getting there from other countries is different.

You need to hire a travel agency for Cheap Umrah Packages that guides and makes arrangements for you, from Umrah Visas to Return flights. These travel agencies offer different packages related to Umrah, these packages vary with different staying times, itineraries, and facilities depending on the cost of the package. Not everyone can afford the luxuries of traveling so many agencies offer Cheap Umrah Packages. Here are the Pros and Cons of Cheap Umrah Packages with Muslims holy Travel.

Why you should take it? (Pros)

Less Burden on Pocket

It is very clear by the name Umrah Packages that they are budget friendly for the customers. Umrah is the prestigious journey to the Holy Kaaba and it is the dream of every Muslim to visit Allah Almighty’s house at least once. And if you are worried about that how much it is going to cost as traveling in very expensive, umrah packages are the way to go. Travel agencies come with cheap Umrah packages for those who cannot afford expensive trips but want to visit Makkah to fulfill their dream of offering Umrah.

No Extra Expenditures

Umrah packages are pretty straightforward. The main motive of these packages is that you perform Umrah. This package includes all the basic things you need but there are no extra activities. But premium Umrah packages offer a lot more. The rooms are top-notch, furnished with extra toiletries. The lifestyle is simply amazing and less tiring. Top chefs of Saudi Arabia, cooks you the most delicious food. Premium Umrah packages offer a deluxe top-end experience of living in Saudi Arabia. Cheap packages also include a decent place to live, with two meals per day and guidance regarding Umrah. So, you can easily take Umrah packages and skip the expensive ones. In the end, performing Umrah is the main motive, and only that matters.

Focused Journey

Cheap Umrah packages offer a very simple itinerary for the customers. It helps you to focus more on your Umrah journey. Muslims spent most of their time in mosques offering Umrah and other acts of worship which includes offering Namaz and reciting the Quran. Cheap Umrah packages are more focused on the Umrah which makes the whole experience very spiritual.

Friends & Family

If you want to travel with your loved ones, cheap Umrah packages are very effective in this case. Traveling for one person is already very expensive and most people cannot afford to travel with more people like traveling with friends or family members. In this case, Umrah packages offer affordability for more people, and Muslims can easily travel with their loved ones and fulfill their deepest desire of visiting the Holy Kaaba and offering the Umrah.

Why you shouldn’t take (Cons)

VIP Experience

If you are more conscious about the standards of your lifestyle, then cheap Umrah packages are might be not for you. Many people want to experience the premium services or VIP services in 4-Star, 5-Star top-end hotels so they have to pay more. It doesn’t involve any bad intentions from their side, their priority is to offer Umrah, they are also very focused but they want the ease of living there. Umrah is not an easy act of worship, you need physical and mental strength to perform it. This is one of the reasons why some Muslims choose top-notch premium packages; first, they can afford it, second, they want a less hectic journey, and third, they want to experience the premium lifestyle in Makkah and Madinah. Muslims who are looking for a deluxe wholesome experience should take VIP Umrah packages.

Stay for More Days, after Umrah

Many Muslims want to travel and visit places during Umrah or after completing Umrah so they go with the premium Umrah packages. Umrah packages usually are not for them. Cheap Umrah packages do not include the extra days after completing Umrah, you cannot stay for extra days in this package. Cheap packages do include everything from Umrah visas to return flights but once your Umrah is completed, and you completed your stay according to your package you cannot extend your stay or your visa. But if you are choosing the premium Umrah package, you can take the extended visa package with an extra stay so you can visit more places and can make your travel experience very memorable.


These packages give the opportunity to more Muslims to travel to Makkah for their mindful, peaceful journey. Following the Sunnah of our last Prophet (S.A.W). Umrah packages offer pretty much the same experience of performing Umrah in the Mosque as the premium Umrah packages offer.

The main difference between these packages is; premium packages offer a high standard of hospitality, and it offers stays in deluxe hotels that offer a lot of things like room service, Wi-Fi, TV, and more. While Umrah packages offer decent hotels, with furnished rooms. Spending your time in Makkah and Madinah performing holy rituals, and praying for your loved ones, and also for yourself is beyond perfection. If you are someone who has the dream of visiting the Holy Kaaba and your utmost focus is to find peace, make your belief strong, and perform the Sunnah of Umrah you are covered by the inexpensive travel agencies with their amazing cheap Umrah packages.

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