7 tips on how to get more followers on Instagram as a company

get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is probably the best-known social image network in the world and ranks among the top 10 most popular apps in Canada. We have already shown here that Instagram makes sense for companies and can be a successful marketing tool. In this article you will find out which tricks you can use to build more followers and a greater reach. SmmStore.Ca best place to get more followers on Instagram.

Tip 1: Make the right preparations

The best prerequisite for building a community should of course be a well-structured profile. As a company, you should first create a business account that your followers can use to contact you directly. A meaningful name with recognition value and an attractive profile picture are also among the most important basics. Also give your potential followers some information about you and your company in your bio. Your task here is clearly to first build trust. Here is a quick overview of the foundations you still need to lay in order to get off to a flying start:

Tip 2: Use hashtags

The preparations have been made and you can now get to work with the aim of building your community. Make sure to use relevant and viral hashtags in your posts. You may have already come across some of them during the target group analysis. Also look at your competition. Which hashtags do they use and do they also apply to you? Popular hashtags attract prospects to your profile, who may soon become new followers.

Tip 3: Establish your own hashtags

It can also make sense to establish your own hashtags. Do you have a motto, a slogan or something that goes with your specific product? Use it as a hashtags to strengthen your brand. Again, as your community starts using that hashtags, you can look at the context in which it’s being used and with what other terms it’s being used. You can use the most relevant hashtags for future posts. Nike demonstrates it in the example with their slogan “just do it”. This hashtags is also used by many other fitness enthusiasts.

Tip 4: Use user-generated content

In order to get more followers on Instagram and to make the feed varied, many companies rely on user-generated content (UGC). This means videos and pictures that were not taken by the company itself, but by their users. Such content looks authentic and includes the followers in your own corporate strategy. There are several ways to get UGC. If you have established your own hashtags, you can investigate who is using it. If you think the images are good and relevant, you can use them in your feed (of course with the permission of the owner) and link the corresponding account. You can also launch sweepstakes campaigns to target user-generated content. For example, enter as a condition of participation that the users: should post an image with your product and the appropriate hashtags inside. These actions can also give companies more followers, as users usually feel flattered when they find their photo on a company page.

Tip 5: Start sweepstakes

A well-known and popular way of Instagram marketing is sweepstakes. If you want to raffle something via Instagram, you can take advantage of the conditions of participation. For example, encourage your participants to link two friends under your post to show them the competition. At best, your competition will attract new prospects to your profile, who with a bit of luck will become your new followers.

Tip 6: Ensure exclusivity

Another good trick to get more Instagram followers is to promise your fans exclusivity. When they follow you, they get info and insights they can’t get anywhere else. You should also create added value with your profile, you can give certain discounts or start campaigns via Instagram. Make your Instagram fans feel special. And you will see that new followers will soon be gathering on your channel.

Tip 7: Create shootouts

Do you know other Instagram profiles that address a similar target group and also provide good content? Ask for a shootout! Instagram users draw attention to their profiles in shootouts by mentioning each other in a post. However, this method should come across as naturally as possible so that the user does not have the feeling of spam. This gives you the chance to win the foreign target group as new fans and in turn share your followers with the other. A give and take!


There are a variety of tips and strategies to get more Instagram followers with little effort. You should continuously test and check which of our tips work best for your company profile so that your number of followers can grow steadily!

But don’t worry: Every beginning is difficult. You will quickly notice that your followers will grow faster when you have already reached a certain number. Start today and try our tips! We wish you every success!


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