10 Tips for Customizing Your Marketing Strategy for Your Fitness Industry

Marketing Strategy for Your Fitness Industry

As the pandemic’s effects die, demand for at-home gyms dries up—this is a new golden opportunity for fitness studios with consumers tired of working out in their living rooms. Recent months have seen many cutbacks announced by fitness companies who are beginning to stand now after the economic downturn and for the desire of the clients to return to an in-studio experience. According to recent surveys, more than 50 percent of consumers are happily ready to return to an in-person experience. It’s time for you too to start customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry. 

Marketing is not about the product or services you offer but the stories you tell. Almost everyone is selling promotions, free stuff, and new offers but what is your story? How are you different from your competitors? That’s where marketing strategies come into the picture. The marketing strategy of your business is a big part of getting these stories out into the world. A marketing strategy with your company’s value proposition and target customer can work as a game plan for reaching prospective customers. 

Build a Presentable Website

Having a presentable website is like having the best salesperson who will never be on off, gives as much time and attention as any customer wants, and serves all at the same time. You can opt for professional website builders or there are many website builder tools available in the market. Consider a few tips to make your fitness website effective:

  • Upload fresh content and always use high-quality images.
  • Add detailed information about your location, contact, booking plans, and schedule.
  • The website should be well structured and fast in loading.
  • It should give an easy-to-use experience.
  • The website should be supported by all devices.

Always share authentic and valuable content that is SEO optimized to help you get more visitors to your site online. 

Offer Transparent Pricing

Transparency is one of the key factors to drive a successful business. Unclear and unfair pricing can be frustrating and create a feeling of distrust hence deterring customers away. If potential clients feel deceived about your pricing in any way that can have a long-lasting negative impact on your business. When customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry make the pricings clear with no hidden charges. 

Create a Seamless User Experience

Nowadays consumers are savvy, and time-sensitive, and want their demands met instantly. When it comes to customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry, your user experience plays a significant role. A well-designed user-oriented website optimized for all devices is part of a great user experience. As more giant brands are leaning heavily on virtual training and offerings, your digital environment should be seamless. Maybe a potential client reads your post on your Instagram handle and visits your website before signing up for the services. Their journey through your website should be seamless. Anything that hinders the process can negatively impact your marketing strategies. 

Flash Special Offers

Offering discounts and special offers have proven effective gym promotion ideas. Offering a free trial period and other seasonal deals and special packages. You can run a gym anniversary promotion for the first 20 non-members who visit the gym. The special offers should depend on your monthly membership cost. Evaluate your membership and provide unique offers to get more people to sign up for membership. When any new member is joining, offer them additional rewards for getting a plus one to join with them. And bonus or reward points for the people joining through referral. 

Invest in Blogpost and Videos

Video and content marketing is an effective way when customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry. Sharing educational blogs and videos can project you as a fitness expert in the industry which can eventually help you to build the trust of potential clients. Before writing blog posts and creating videos do thorough research on the market and customers so that you’ll know who your target clientele is. Make sure to keep the content short and informative to keep the readers engaged. 

Connect and Inspire on Social Media

It’s time to share those videos on social media you just created in the last tip. The whole point of customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry is to inform, connect, and inspire your audience. Social media is a fantastic way to meet new members and motivate them to join your program. Success stories, user-generated content, virtual fitness challenges, workout tips, and many others. You can use these varieties of content to share and build your brand name. 

Get Involved in Community Activities

At times apart from being business owners to work outside the box, we should consider giving back to the community. Think beyond just being a logo on T-shirts. Look for special sponsor events or local sports teams in your area that involve fitness. You can join and conduct seminars and workshop events. If you have expert knowledge in any particular health-related field, share your knowledge when attending community events. By getting involved in community activities you can partner up with other businesses and market your services to a wider audience. Building relationships in your local community can bring you far more clients than any other paid strategy. 

Share Feedback and Success Stories

Sharing reviews, feedback, and success stories are powerful in any business world. When a prospect sees how you’re being helpful to someone else, it makes them see you as a trustworthy business to invest in. For instance, most fitness industry brands share the before and after stories of their customers. How they’ve helped in changing the client’s life making them feel happier, more confident, and healthy. Sharing success stories and reviews is social proof of your trust and authenticity. 

Use Omnichannel Approach

When it comes to customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry, you need to play it smart to get more members without increasing your budget. The omnichannel approach takes every possible way into the account by which you can connect with your clients. You interact with potential clients across multiple channels, devices, and mediums. From local searches to YouTube, and Instagram posts, this approach helps in staying present where your customers are, both online and offline. 

Highlight Your Digital Services

Digital fitness programs are still popular and your marketing strategies should highlight your services. To highlight and encompass the best of your services we would like to recommend a tool for your online clients. Picktime, a streamlined cloud-based gym scheduling software tailored to service your every business needs. It can be used to conduct personal and one on one sessions for fitness & gym, yoga, and personal training sessions. 

It’s the best-rated in the industry for serving the happiest clients by G2, Capterra, and Crozdesk. Using Picktime you can have 24/7 class bookings with full email support. Picktime gives a customizable booking page with a unique URL and a book now widget to tailor the changes according to your business needs. Using Picktime you can have recurring classes, reduce no-shows, easily accessible calendar, real-time booking slots, staff & service management, and integration with your favorite apps – PayPal, Stripe, CRMs, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Google Meet, Skype, and many others all at one place. Find out more about the plans by signing up for free. 

In the current times of uncertainty, customizing your marketing strategy for your fitness industry can help in engaging and attracting more clients. To stand out in the current marketplace stay updated on what exactly your customer needs. 

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