Would Private Yoga Sessions work for you?

private yoga sessions

Many people wonder how often they ought to take a yoga class each week. The answer can vary depending upon variables such as age, current level of fitness, if you plan to do any other forms of exercise and budget. This article will take a look at each of these elements to help you decide the optimum frequency to do yoga each week. It will also take in to account if private yoga sessions could help and if the setting influences you, for example, some people like to exercise in nature and beach environments such as yoga in Mornington or Bayside. 

Does my age matter?

Your age will influence the level of energy you have to undertake exercise each week. A 25 year old person may wish to take four sessions a week, whilst a 75 year old may find just one class a week works best. Our vitality naturally decreases with age, but keeping the body moving throughout the decades is a scientifically proven way to prolong and boost our health, strength and stamina.

It’s important to strike the balance between being active enough to enhance our vitality, but not to take it too far that it depletes our wellbeing and leaves us worn out.

Listening to your body is a lifelong skill and one that should be taken seriously. Our ego can often get in the way and cause us to push boundaries further than is wise, leading to injury and fatigue. Getting to know the signals when your body has had enough are important, particularly as we age and more gentle forms of exercise can be beneficial.

Build up your strength sensibly

Your current level of fitness is another factor to be taken in to account when devising an exercise regime. If you haven’t been very active for many years, don’t jump from zero to four sessions a week! Whilst it’s terrific to be enthusiastic, curb it with a good dose of reality by understanding that jumping straight in to high levels of exercise can put a dangerous strain on weak muscles and ligaments.

You don’t want to do an injury that could take you out for weeks, or possibly months, as you recover. Be realistic with your goals and if you are returning to exercise after a long break, seek the advice of a professional to devise a plan that will build up your strength safely and increase your frequency as you are ready.

How to balance your exercise

Do you plan to do other forms of exercise besides yoga? This might include weights, group exercise classes such as aerobics, walking or swimming. A balanced workout schedule will give you an all-round result, as different forms of movement require various muscle groups and skills such as balance, co-ordination or strength. If you plan to join a gym or are a member already, this can make mixing up your usual routine, or trying out a new one, very simple.

Most gyms have a timetable of group exercise classes using weights, steps, bands and body weight to give you an experience of all sorts of ways of moving. Yoga and Pilates are almost always included to work on your flexibility, mobility and mindset. They may use light weights or simply body weight for strengthening exercises.

Some larger gyms also have pools attached, so if you enjoy the water join a hydro class for movement based exercise that uses the natural buoyancy to take weight off sore limbs and joints. Alternatively, just take it at your own pace and swim some laps in various strokes to give yourself a full body workout.

If making new acquaintances is for you, moving around a variety of activities can be a great way to meet new people that enjoy being active too. Some classes have a social scene where coffee after class is a big part of the reason for attending! If the environment where you exercise matters and you enjoy the beach consider yoga in Mornington, or another Bayside suburb, to bring a holistic aspect to your practice.

What if I’m not a gym junkie?

If gyms aren’t your thing, then consider going to a dedicated yoga studio. There the focus will definitely be on yoga in a variety of forms, with levels for absolute beginners through to the more experienced. A variety of teachers will also be on the timetable for you to try out and find your favourite.

It’s natural to gravitate towards teachers whose style you prefer. Group classes will be the norm, but if you can’t find what you after there, enquire about private yoga sessions. Most studios will offer them and if you prefer one to one help with particular poses to get started, or there’s an issue you want assistance with then this can be a really good option. Search for studios in your area or for yoga in Mornington if you enjoy a beachside setting.