Window Option For Commercial Construction

Windows do not only allow light into a building. They also provide ventilation, but beyond the essential function, different windows can make your building more energy efficient and save you more money. One of the important decisions to make is the type of window to install on your property.

Choosing a functional and aesthetically pleasing window to fit the building’s architectural design is vital. To select the right window for your commercial building, you need to know your options.

Here are some common commercial building windows.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are arguably the most common windows in commercial buildings. They are affordable, durable and energy-efficient. Vinyl windows need less maintenance, which many building owners find attractive because it reduces maintenance costs.

Vinyl windows are mostly available in white, so the styling options are limited. However, you can paint your vinyl window to suit your desired colour.

Fibreglass windows

Fibre glass windows are secure, durable and aesthetically pleasing. They do not expand or contract from exposure to different weather elements, a factor responsible for air infiltration in many buildings with other window types.

Fibre glass windows are preferred for commercial spaces that need a weatherproof building. Although this window type costs more than vinyl windows and other options, their several benefits make them a good investment.

Aluminium windows

If you want affordable, low-maintenance windows, aluminium windows should be your choice. They have high strength for large openings, so they are perfect for commercial buildings housing cafes and shops that need large windows. But, you need good internal components because aluminium windows incur higher utility bills.

Aluminium-clad windows

Aluminium-clad windows offer the benefits of aluminium and components such as wood. For example, you can get a window that is durable and weather-resistant, which has the strength of metals on the building’s exterior and wood on the interior for its aesthetic properties. However, aluminium-clad windows cost more than traditional aluminium windows.

Composite wood windows

Suppose you need a traditional window with the aesthetic appeal of real wood. In that case, a composite wood window is a perfect option. They have the stylish appearance of wood and require low maintenance like vinyl with the strength of metal windows.

However, composite wood windows are more expensive than other types of windows.

What are the most suitable window styles for commercial buildings?

Before a window installation, you need to determine the specific purpose the window will serve. Generally, the operation styles in commercial building spaces vary. Some potential applications for windows in commercial buildings include:

Single-hung/double-hung windows

This is the most common window style in commercial construction. It is suitable for any room in commercial buildings.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows offer a more extensive view than the double-hung or single-hung windows, making them suitable for commercial buildings with shops that need display areas.

Casement windows

Casement windows are usually attached to something that allows themto slide outwards like doors. This window style is easy to operate, making them better suited for installation in most commercial constructions.

Awning windows

They are usually attached at the top and open outwards. Most commercial buildings have an awning window installed close to the ceiling for ventilation, but this compromises privacy. You can find awning windows in commercial building bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Picture and geometric windows

They are fixed, and you can’t open them. This window style is available in different sizes and shapes because its main aim is to enhance the natural lighting in a room while providing an outdoor view. They are common in stairwells and vaulted ceilings.

Bow and bay windows

These windows are projected from the foundation and installed for aesthetic purposes, and can allow more light into the basement.

Evaluating your needs before choosing a window type or style is important. You also need a glazing expert to fit your windows for a chosen window.

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