Which Car Insurance Policy Covers Engine Damage?

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Considering the dynamic and ever-increasing traffic situation in India, one needs to invest in proper motor insurance to keep their vehicle safe and insured. Now, with the advancement of technology, you can easily get your car insurance online from the comfort of your home. It can be done within minutes. Be it personal car insurance or commercial vehicle insurance, you need to analyse your requirements before choosing the right plan. 

The car engine is a very important accessory of the vehicle. So, protecting it is a must. Although, majority of the car insurance buyers are not aware of engine damage protection coverage. Read to know more about it. 

Does the third-party insurance cover engine damage?

Third-party car insurance is a tool of financial aid that help take care of third-party damage and injury if caused by the insured vehicle. Although having this insurance has become compulsory given the government’s rule, it doesn’t cover engine damage or other issues concerning the personal vehicle. It only covers third-party damage and legal liabilities. 

Does comprehensive insurance cover engine damage?

An all-inclusive comprehensive coverage is the one that renders the most enhanced coverage and protection to the rider and their vehicle. But, of course, there are always outliers. A standard car insurance online policy does not cover the car’s engine unless the rider gets separate coverage.

Standard comprehensive auto insurance will not pay for engine work or components like connecting rods, pistons, etc. Extra coverages on the auto insurance policy may prove to be invaluable, so be sure to investigate them before making a purchase. It would help if you keep reading to learn more about the advantages of purchasing the Engine Protection Cover Add-on for your commercial vehicle insurance.

When purchasing auto insurance, what exactly does “engine protection” cover?

Suppose your car’s engine or any components gets damaged in case of an accident, then you do not have to pay for costly repairs out of your pocket. The insurance coverage takes care of all the repair and replacement costs.

A standard car insurance policy does not cover damage to the engine or any of its components. The financial risk associated with engine failure due to lubricant oil leakage, water ingression, hydrostatic lock, etc., is mitigated by purchasing an engine protection cover for their vehicle.

When it rains, the streets and roads become a muddy mess. It would be very problematic if water enters your automobile’s engine. Since standard comprehensive policies do not pay for damage incurred to the engine, one needs to get a proper engine to protect insurance options. You can easily get this car insurance online. 

The Car Engine Protector Cover Has These Features and Benefits:

There are special features and advantages to the Engine Protection Cover that are in the standard all-inclusive plan. You can also get a separate add-on that protects your engine. If your engine is damaged, the commercial vehicle insurance provider will pay for the cost of fixing or replacing it, up to the policy maximum. Features and advantages of the car insurance online engine Protection Add-on are as follows:

  • Expenses incurred as a result of engine oil leaking out.
  • Damage to the engine’s gearbox, pistons, connecting rods, etc., caused by external forces.
  • Injuries from attempting to start the vehicle after the water had made its way into the engine (a condition known as a hydrostatic lock).
  • Sound, particularly in extreme weather conditions (monsoons, floods, natural disasters, etc.).
  • Because the cost of fixing or replacing an engine may be so high, this is also a good idea if they have just purchased a new or costly vehicle.

When can you reap the benefits?

Some commercial vehicle insurance policies provide optional coverage for engine protection. This action is required when the insurance is issued, but not after coverage has begun. The insured vehicle must claim the Engine protection plan for your automobile if any damage to the engine occurs while driving due to water ingression or oil leaks.

Exactly why it’s recommended that they take it:

  • A car’s engine is the most expensive component.
  • The engine is the only car part in the standard insurance package.
  • Extra protection at the same price as the regular plan

Car insurance online policies may have an “engine protection cover,” which protects the policyholder financially if the car’s engine is damaged. With this upgrade, you won’t have to worry about the high price of repairing the engine or any of its components.

You should know that your car’s engine and components, such as the piston, gearbox, crankshaft, cylinder, pins, etc., are covered by the proper regular or commercial vehicle insurance policy. The car’s insured engine is vulnerable to various threats, including water infiltration, gearbox failure, oil leakage, hydrostatic lock, etc. A car’s engine is the costliest component; therefore, fixing it may be rather pricey. So, get your engine protect cover prudently.