What You Need to Know About Media Placement?

Media Placement

Media Buying – how can we worship this term? In advertising, buying media is “acquiring media inventory.” Media buying means “negotiating pricing and ad placement.” (Wait — but what does that mean?) When media buyers or recruitment specialists in Nashville, TN, are asked to describe their work, the response is usually something like, “I bought space.” But because the media is not tangible, it’s not the most straightforward function to explain.

Why is media buying necessary?

Media shoppers are always informed about the latest industry trends. They’ve been around long enough to figure out what works and doesn’t. Therefore, by paying attention to your business goals, they can guide you on the best path. Their other lever is the network they have built over time, which gives them credibility and purchasing power.

Because media buyers bring a lot of business to their suppliers, they can negotiate a better deal for you at a lower cost. Sometimes you even get a discount or bonus for more time in the media room, as shared by a recruitment specialist in Nashville, TN. Media buyers also have access to all the tools necessary to make the process work.

Trends in Media Buying

Video Marketing

Most marketers already know that video marketing should be essential to any modern marketing strategy. 93% of them referred by Tennessee Hispanic radio station say they see video as the core of their marketing puzzle. However, when calculating the cost and allocation of media purchases, media buyers should be aware that the popularity and impact of video marketing are not only enduring, it is growing.

Mobile game ads

Mobile games are no longer just relegated to the world of young nerds and geeks but have become a popular pastime for all ages and genders. The increasing popularity and profitability of mobile game advertising underscore the immersive and almost addictive quality of popular mobile games. The statistics in front of a recruitment specialist in Nashville, TN, are clear: 70% of portable gaming fans prefer to leave the TV or social media, two popular channels for media shoppers and their advertising, rather than mobile games.

This gives media shoppers an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the fast-growing and somewhat unknown digital advertising market, using popular banner ads in mobile games and interstitial and “gift” ads to keep their ads creative and customer-first.

Consistent privacy and measurement challenges

As privacy concerns and the regulation of data collection methods continue to evolve worldwide, the challenge of protecting privacy while maintaining accurate attribution for media purchases is increasing.

One solution to this problem, suggested by a recruitment specialist in Nashville, TN, is the unified measurement, combining data and insights from attribution models across multiple channels into one holistic performance measure.

As new marketing technologies and solutions continue to address privacy concerns, unified measurement and aggregated data are likely to become more popular as marketers seek to protect the integrity of their attribution while complying with privacy policies. Marketing Evolution’s aggregate data program can help any marketer looking to take their data collection into the 21st century.

Traditional media that still works

Although digital media has a significant presence in today’s advertising world, traditional media (i.e., TV, radio, print, billboards) like Tennessee Hispanic radio station still carry a lot of weight when buying and placing media. While some conventional methods slow down faster than others, the following techniques should not count.


TV tends to tell a story differently—a story you don’t have to mean just through the digital ads that pop up when you shop for furniture online. It can resonate with viewers and evoke emotions in users. Frequency is fundamental when it comes to buying a TV, states a recruitment specialist in Nashville, TN. When you see a particular ad for the first or second time, you may not want to save it.

It would be best to look at it 5 or 6 times before remembering the information. Even in the world of Netflix and Hulu, mainstream TV needs to gain more viewership to give up that type of placement. People still rely on local channels for “TV meetings,” such as news and live sporting events – a style of programming that people with DVRs don’t usually watch.


Many assume that radio and print are dead media – with Spotify, Pandora, and online access to news at your fingertips. However, some markets still rely heavily on this type of Tennessee Hispanic radio station. Rural communities that do not have good cell towers to transmit adequate audio still rely on traditional radio. And frequency is also vital in every radio purchase. The key is knowing where your target audience is and ensuring you reach them at the right time.