What is ADS Exchange -Login details, Company Plan, Profile

There are a lot of questions on people’s mind regarding this ads exchange kya hai. So keeping an eye on all those questions, in this post we will discuss about ADS Exchange in details.

ADS Exchange is a Real Money Earning Platform, and according to the plan of this application, you can earn millions per month on this app. Before discussing whether ADS Exchange is Real or Fake, ADS Exchange has been done, who is its owner? It is also important to know about how you can earn money from ADS Exchange.

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What is ADS Exchange?
ADS Exchange is a Money Earning Platform. Which is controlled by ADSExchange.in. There is also an application for ADS Exchange on the Playstore. According to this company, common man can earn in lakhs by registering in this company by paying just some money. Below we will know whether ADS Exchange, which gives money in lakhs to the common man, is an opportunity or is it a fraud.

Who is the owner of ADS Exchange?
ADS Exchange is present on almost all social media along with its web site and application, but its owner’s name has not been mentioned anywhere. According to some reports it is an IT base company in Rajasthan, Jaipur. But the name of its owner has been kept unknown.

How to earn money from ADS Exchange?
Three types of income plans have been shown in ADS Exchange from where money can be earned.

Self ADS View Income
Direct Sponsor Income
level income
Daily Level Income
Rewards Income
To earn money from these plans, one has to first register in ADS Exchange by paying ₹ 999 activation charge.

Self ADS View Income- In this plan, income up to ₹ 75 can be earned by watching daily ads. You can get ₹ 75 only after viewing 15 – 30 ads daily, the company gives ₹ 2 – ₹ 5 for viewing each ad. A common man can do employment of ₹ 2250 in a month through Self ADS View Income of ADS Exchange on the basis of ₹ 75 per day.

Direct Sponsor Income – Through this plan, if you add someone to ADS Exchange by paying ₹ 999 activation charge, then the company gives you ₹ 100 commission on each addition.

Level Income- In this plan you will get commission up to 4 downline. The more your team members increase, the more the commission will also increase. To understand the commission of this plan, the company has made a chart, let’s see it.