Trending Bride and Groom Entry Ideas for Wedding

sloshout wedding venues, bridal entry

sloshout wedding venues, bridal entry

The bride and groom’s entry are the most awaited moment at a wedding for everyone as they are the center of attraction and beat everyone in the hall. Even the shining stars dim to view this moment. It’s a very important and emotional moment in a couple’s life as it’s that time when they walk into the reception area hand-in-hand as husband and wife. Now, here the real fun begins and you will show everyone your couple’s style. The couples are the superstar of the day so the entry should also be deserved a grand one like stars do that add an unforgettable charm to your nuptial.

Weddings in India are all about magnificence and flamboyance where every couple like to cover that extra mile to make their wedding an extraordinary and unforgettable affair. That’s also true with the couple’s entry. They plan their entry out of the box and take it to a new level to stun their guests and why not after all it’s every couple’s dream to have a perfect dreamy grand entrance. And thus, this should be impactful and perfectly flawless. A lot of creative and trending entry ideas have flooded the internet including ATVs, fancy chariots, cutesy buggies, adding sparklers, gorgeous phoolon ki chaadars, funky props such as smoke bombs and ribbons and so more to make a remarkable and awe-inspiring couple entry to grab some attention. 

Before deciding on your entry type and style, you should also consider various factors like the timing of entry, the theme, and the color scheme, and what kind of entry style suits you best- funky, fresh, badass, royal, fairytale, or any other besides your preferences. Further, it’s totally up to you whether you want to make a simple entry in the wagon or just take it to a notch higher by creating a shanda entry with a bang. To help you rack up your brain, we have compiled some handpicked mind-blowing, trending bride and groom entry concepts that will leave your guests mesmerized and awestruck. Let’s drive-through and plan the breathtaking couple’s entry. We must suggest you please make sure to choose a wedding date as according to your holiday calendar,

  1. Make Your Entry Special With Different Vehicles 

From the traditional chariot to the luxury car and funky or quirky vehicle you can make an impactful entry. Here are the following examples:

2. Make a Royal Entry in a Chariot or a Carriage

With a grand luxury chariot or carriage adorned by beautiful lighting and firecrackers, make a Cinderella-style entry, after all, you are no less than a princess. So let your grand day be as fancy as it can to show the queen bride. The groom can also make a royal entrance in a horse-drawn carriage or add charm both can make a couple’s entry in a royal carriage. The concept of the bride and groom-to-be sitting in the chariot is simple yet elegant which takes the entrance up a notch and adds more vibrancy to the events. It’s irresistible to see the couple’s entry into these astonishing conveyances. 

3. ATV Entrance: Make a zabardast entry with an ATV that adds an adventurous vibe to your wedding. This trendy all-terrain vehicle with a few floral accessories looks super cool and can make your entry as powerful as you want.

4. Two-Seated Scooter: Hop on two seated scooters with your to-be life partner and create the most iconic Jai-Veeru moment. So just get this masterpiece with some floral decorations and break the stereotype of a shy couple with this classic, trendy and quirky offbeat entrance idea. 

5. Sunroof Car or Luxury Car Entry: Spice up your entrance with a sunproof or luxurious fancy car and turn your guests in awe. So, get a luxurious car like Limousine, BMW, Lamborghini, etc., and enter like a celebrity. 

6. Entry in Auto: Make the most unexpected and unique entry with this public transport-Auto. Adorn it with some flowers and bouquets. 

7. Bike Entry:  Bike entry is the most excellent and most classy way usually for groom entry but you can spice it up by making the couple’s entry. There is no other better way than this to give your bride a beautiful ride. 

8. Rental rickshaws: Make the cutest and desi entry with beautifully decorated rickshaws with flowers and fairy lights and leave your guests spellbound.

9. Horse Ride: Though it’s a traditional way for groom entry now breaks the gender roles and makes your entry rock by riding in on a horse. 

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