Top 5 Automated Webinar Platforms in 2023

Automated Webinar

To gather leads and attract new clients, the majority of event planners and brands employ online webinar services and automated webinars. In order to put their sales process on autopilot and divert their time and attention to other things, they place meticulously designed webinars at the hub of an evergreen funnel. We have produced a list of the best-automated webinar platforms for you if you are currently doing this type of activity but are dissatisfied with the software you use or you want to get started with the appropriate technology.

Best Automated Webinar Platform


When it comes to automated webinars, Dreamcast is our top recommendation. It offers both live webinars and on-demand webinars that participants can access at any time. Live chat, customized welcome greetings, polls and survey questions, limited-time discounts and downloads, requests for contact, and participant feedback are just a few of the features. Its strongest qualities are its pleasant but professional look and feel, its customizable options for arranging a recurring schedule, and the opportunity for moderators to respond to live chat during the event or via email once participants are offline. Additionally, of all webinar solutions, Dreamcast has the most complete analytics dashboard.


  • With a white-label online video platform, you can highlight your brand prominently.
  • With its strong security features, it assists you in safeguarding your content.
  • You may create brand-new platforms and applications.
  • With the help of our comprehensive analytics dashboard, you can monitor and assess viewer activity.


You can make your webinars accessible round-the-clock using eWebinar. They have a just-in-time option, allowing participants to instantly join a webinar at any moment. Setting up an eWebinar is easy and straightforward. Actually, it can be enjoyable. All you need is a video to start making your first eWebinar, which you can do in a matter of minutes. Since everything is browser-based, there is no need to download any programs. While you watch your video, you can easily add interactions (polls, advice, questions, offers, etc.) using their clever timeline tool. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Attendees stay until the end of the webinar because of the interactions, which make the entire experience more fascinating and enjoyable. The ease with which it is possible to monitor chat with this webinar service provider is a bonus. When someone sends you a message, you are notified so you may respond immediately and start a live mobile chat with them. Or, you can reply later and they’ll receive an email with your response. Even Slack has been integrated into eWebinar.


  • Incredibly easy to put up in a matter of minutes, including a timeline tool for adding interactions
  • Recurring scheduling with options for just-in-time updates and replays
  • You can immediately react to inquiries or wait until later using the powerful chat system.
  • Personalized attendee experience with your colors and branding
  • Anyone may use the registration page builder, no coding is necessary.
  • Many CRM and marketing tool integrations


This webinar platform has the best features. You can produce live, recorded, automated, and on-demand webinars. Even live streaming and webinar series can be produced. Despite having a lot of functionality, the setup and interface are actually pretty straightforward. The disadvantage is that BigMarker is rather pricey. However, if you’re prepared to spend money on a reputable webinar platform, it will unquestionably meet all of your needs. You can design your automated workflow using BigMarker, which features event triggers at certain time points. In essence, this implies that you may plan for all of your webinar interactions to happen automatically.


  • Promote on all of your platforms.
  • provides strong analytics tools to track participation and maximize webinar efforts.
  • hosting webinars without downloading.
  • Connect to your marketing and CRM platforms.


Livestorm Webinars’ electricity, operating automatically. Create evergreen webinars that have all the features viewers want from live webinars. With on-demand webinars, achieve true efficiency. Asynchronous communication keeps your audience interested while saving time and money. Get all of Livestorm’s technological advantages by utilizing its engagement tools, integrations, and analytics. Live product demonstrations and customer training are offered, or training and onboarding videos can be recorded and automated for internal usage. Livestream is an online webinar platform with all the standard features you may expect, such as polling and Q&A.


  • Excellent for on-demand and live training and product demonstrations.
  • endless HD webinars
  • Browser-based software. Nothing needs to be downloaded.
  • Emails and registration pages.
  • complete adaptability of branding


EasyWebinar is a great choice. Numerous automated webinar capabilities, including mobile compatibility, screen sharing, multiple presenters, live chat, Q&A, just-in-time tickers, and integrations, are present. The analytical and reporting capabilities in EasyWebinar are decent, but not quite as strong as those in StealthSeminar. EasyWebinar’s analytics emphasize statistics like no-show registrations, webinar duration, and the number of offer clicks. The goal of EasyWebinar is to integrate marketing techniques with webinar technology.


  • You can capture and save any kind of webinar session.
  • Enables sharing of the screen, camera, and microphone by numerous participants.
  • The most real-time streaming of your webinar event is provided by this.
  • You can collect data from registrants using custom registration fields in addition to their names and email addresses.