Top 4 Useful WordPress Plugins Around Instagram For 2023

Instagram Feed on WordPress

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most prominent social media platforms to interact, entertain and engage the masses with its features of Reels, stories, posts, and likes.

Instagram is widely used amongst all age groups and thus provides a vast user base. It makes it easier for marketers to target their niche audiences, increase followers, and create brand awareness.

If you are looking for the best WordPress Plugins to embed Instagram feed on WordPress. Then there are some handpicked plugins to increase the user’s audience interaction and engagement. If the user wants to display an Instagram feed or slider or launch a giveaway contest or campaign, all can be done with the help of plugins. Some are mentioned below.

1. Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

One of the most prominent and trusted social media aggregator tools is Tagembed. The tool allows its users to choose from various templates, sliders, and fonts to enhance customization and the user’s experience of the tool. Also, some added key features of the tool are the profanity tool and moderation so that only the best-suited content goes up to the webpage while embedding. 

According to the pricing standards, the tool is also quite affordable and feasible, especially for small business owners who initially cannot afford to invest heavily in expensive plans. 

2. Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro is presented by one of the most prominent social media aggregators Smash Balloon and is one of the best plugin tools in this arena. Many website owners use this Instagram Widget WordPress plugin to create a aesthetic and visually appealing web page. It is also a free trial version that allows users to easily create, customize and personalize feeds. It also has many handy features, such as multiple layouts and templates.

The user can, as per convenience, upgrade to a pro plan which enhances the user-creating experience by providing multiple choices for the user to select and segregate data from, including several hashtags feeds. This plugin also supports Instagram stories and integrates them into the user’s webpage.

3. RafflePress

RafflePressis another popular alternative plugin best suitable for the giveaways and contests scenes for boosting website engagement and gaining, sustaining, and growing followers and reach on Instagram.

It becomes straightforward and convenient to execute a panned contest for the website viewers and audiences to prompt engagement. The plugin also provides customization features concerning the giveaway or contests. It helps drive traffic to the website, and then the marketers can acquire the desired and interested audiences from their web page to Instagram and further convert them into potential consumers or viewers of their shoppable web page. There is a free trial version available too, which allows the user to get a fair share of how easy and hassle-free the proceedings on the plugin are.

4. Uncanny Automator

In popular opinion, Uncanny Automator is considered one of the best plugins for users to automate Instagram Feed publish. Also, regarded as the most prominent WordPress automation plugin as it helps the user connect and interact with their website with multiple applications to generate automated workflow-free. 

The automated feathers of this plugin include the feature of sharing new photo feeds on the users’ Instagram walls when a particular writeup is published on the website, automatically indulging users in posting and monitoring and observing their Instagram patterns. Above all, it lets the web page viewers unlock rewards and discounts by encouraging them to post about their purchases on Instagram. 

One of the best features of this plugin is that the free version of it is more than sufficient for the websites owned by small business owners, which proves to be an effective cost-cutting method as with minimal or no expenditure on that, they can create and enhance the browning experience of their users.

Summing up

Thus we can conclude that integrating the website viewers on Instagram is essential as this social media platform has a vast user base, which can resonate in high traffic and engagement on the owners’ websites. The abovementioned are a few prominently used and popular WordPress plugins to embed Instagram feed on the users’ WordPress website.