Titanium Sapphire Crystal

titanium sapphire,Ti sapphire

What is Ti:Sapphire

Ti: Sapphire crystal product, additionally referred to as titanium doped sapphire crystal, the chemical formula for Ti3+: Al2O3, is a great thorough efficiency of the transition metal doped laser crystal.

Applications of Titanium sapphire

As a light-pumped solid-state laser crystal, titanium doped sapphire is commonly used in the wavelengths of a tunable laser, a tunable series of 650-1100 nm, a peak at 800 nm, and also the wavelength of a tunable laser crystal broad. The Ti3+ ion has a very large gain data transfer, which opens up the opportunity of obtaining the wide wavelength tunability achieved in short-pulse lasers. As a result of its high saturation power, titanium sapphirestones are typically used as lamps, argon ion lasers, or regularity double extraction neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet lasers.

Using the self-mode-locking method, the Ti: Sapphire laser can directly output laser pulses with a pulse size of less than 6.5 fs, which is fairly narrow among all lasers straight result from the resonator. The laser beam can cover a large band from blue to deep ultraviolet with dual-frequency modern technology. The 193nm laser generated has been used in lithography devices.

Ti:Sapphire laser crystal

Advantages of titanium sapphire crystal

The advantages of titanium sapphire crystal products are broad laser outcome band variety:660 -1050 nm, excellent for creating ultra-short pulses, Ti2O3 doping focus of 0.03-0.25 wt.%, and also quality variable (FOM, Figure of Value) as much as 300, etc.

Titanium sapphire crystal products has vast wavelength tunability, broad absorption pump band, outstanding outcome performance, brief on-state lifetime (3.2 mm), narrow securing mode width, as well as high damage threshold exterior heating conductivity.

The peak power of the laser pulse gets to a beat watt. The pulse size gets to tens of secs and is the brightest light known to humanity. The titanium sapphire crystal resembles the “human heart” in the ultra-strong ultra-short laser gadget. Without it, the ultra-strong ultra-short laser can not be generated. The larger the diameter of titanium sapphire crystal, the much more power soaked up, and also the higher the laser outcome power. The product has short on-state life and also high saturation power, which can be utilized in the light, argon ion laser, or regularity dual extraction neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser.