The Falcon Silver EHR & Others!

Falcon Silver EHR

Falcon Silver EHR Software is a Cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive solution for nephrology practices. Its features include comprehensive patient profiles, lab tests, financial reporting, patient fluid management, and more. In addition, it includes a convenient name search feature, which makes it easy to find patients and communicate with them. A physician can use the system from a desktop or mobile device to access patient information.


RXNT falcon silver electronic health records software is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from a variety of devices. Its interface is user-friendly and allows for quick and easy entry of patient information, lab orders, referrals, and faxes. The electronic health records software also has a patient portal that helps providers and patients easily connect to one another.

With a patient portal, providers can stay connected with their patients, and provide them with information on wellness and asthma management. In addition, the portal will also help patients manage their own conditions, schedule appointments, and pay bills online. This is made possible by two authentication methods: the hard token and the soft token. The former is best for providers who have only a single username, while the latter is recommended for providers who have multiple RXNT prescriber logins.

Accurate coding is an essential component of the healthcare industry. The software should be ICD-10 compliant. It should also be able to keep track of specific codes for each practice. The software should also allow for the fast submission of reports to PQRI programs.


A NextGen EHR is one that is capable of managing patient records in a variety of settings, including ambulatory care, specialty practices, and ASCs. These systems provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s health and can help improve population health and reduce medical errors. NextGen EHR systems are also customizable and are designed to fit the needs of a particular practice.

Falcon Silver EHR Software is Cloud-based EMR software that is designed especially for nephrology practices. The software offers features such as complete patient history, lab test results, medication and allergy information, and more. It also includes a convenient name search. The software also includes financial reporting and e-prescriptions, which are helpful for reducing the paperwork involved in the practice. The software’s ability to manage patient lab data and monitor patient fluid levels is also a useful feature.

NextGen systems are customized to fit the workflow of a practice. With the help of an expert, the software can be customized to fit the needs of a specific practice. This helps minimize the administrative burden of documentation and improve patient care. The software also supports seamless health information exchange, SOAP integration, offline dictation, and more. Lastly, organizations can take advantage of the support of Epic Professional Services, which helps reduce IT burdens, decrease technology costs, and increase interoperability.

Therapy Notes:

TherapyNotes is a form-based notes system that is specifically designed for therapists and other healthcare professionals. Its powerful tools help you organize and create custom treatment plans and psychological evaluations. You can also create progress notes and other documents that support your patient care. TherapyNotes also features auto-filling fields for ease of use and organization.

TherapyNotes provides integrated scheduling and billing, as well as thoughtful and responsive customer support. It also integrates with other systems, including EHRs, so you can use it in multiple locations. It also features a patient portal, which allows patients to view the latest appointment information.

Falcon Silver:

The Falcon Silver EHR is an integrated cloud-based EMR system for dialysis centers that have been designed specifically for the needs of this industry. It provides comprehensive patient record management including laboratory reports, demographics, and fluid levels. The software integrates with the DaVita Health Portal for real-time access to patient data. It also works with DaVita’s integrated care framework to provide support to physicians.

This EHR is customizable and flexible, accommodating specialty workflows. It also offers many features that make it suitable for nephrology practices. Among these features are an appointment booking system, a patient portal, and e-prescriptions. The latter allows physicians to communicate with patients and provide them with information that will help them make informed decisions. The software can also manage billing processes and support the creation of superbills.

The Falcon Silver EHR and its features are certified for Meaningful Use. This means that physicians can claim Meaningful Use incentives for using the electronic health record. Meaningful Use is an incentive program that requires physicians to use a certified EHR system for at least 90 days in the first payment year. The Falcon EHR is designed to meet this requirement and will soon allow physicians to log Meaningful Use data.