Tellurium dioxide crystal

Tellurium dioxide crystal

Tellurium dioxide, as known as TeO2, is the strong oxide of tellurium. It happens in two various kinds, the yellow plagiotic mineral β-TeO2 tellurite and the artificial colorless tetragonal (paraturite) α-TeO2. A lot of the information about reaction chemistry has been obtained in studies involving pariturite, α-TeO2.

The natural mineral of tellurium dioxide is “flavuride”. Chemical formula TeO2. Molecular weight 159.60. Colorless crystal, melting point 732.6 ℃. Dicrystalline form: Tetragonal type originated from nitric acid service, appearing like an octahedral kind. Relative density 5.67( 15 ℃). After heating, it turns yellow, melts into dark yellow liquid, as well as cools down to acicular crystal (ordnance system) with a loved one thickness of 5.91( 0 ℃). Insoluble in water.

Adducts as well as salts are easily liquified in concentrated strong acids; It is likewise quickly soluble in caustic alkali remedy to form tellurite. Insoluble in ammonia. Tellurium is generated by burning in oxygen or by reaction of tellurium with cool focused nitric acid and dissipation of the reaction service.

Prep work method: Response of essential tellurium powder with nitric acid, home heating to full reaction of tellurium powder to quit releasing nitrogen oxide, evaporative cooling crystallization to acquire alkali tellurium Te2O3( OH) NO3, as well as heating decomposition of this item at 400 ~ 430 ℃.

Advantages of tellurium dioxide

Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) crystal is a sort of acoustooptic crystal material with exceptional properties. It has the following advantages:

  • High refractive index
  • Low audio depletion
  • Excellent quality factor
  • Exceptional acoustic as well as optical residential or commercial properties
  • Huge noise and also light top quality factor
  • High openness to visible light

Application of  tellurium dioxide

  • Tellurium dioxide powder is made use of to grow TeO2 single crystal or make acoustooptic materials. It is a conditional glass developing agent and can be utilized as an additive in semiconductor components, conductive pastes and electroplating remedies.
  • Widely made use of in acoustooptic deflectors, acoustooptic modulators, acoustooptic harmonics, acoustooptic filters, tunable filters as well as other sort of acoustooptic devices.
  • Under the same aperture, the resolution can be boosted by orders of size. On the other hand, the acousto-optic gadgets made from tellurium oxide have the advantages of rapid feedback rate, small driving power, high diffraction effectiveness, steady and reputable performance.
  • Consequently, TeO2 crystal is a type of acoustooptic gadget product with broad application potential customers, particularly acoustooptic modulator and also acoustooptic harmonizer, which has actually been commonly used in optical computer, optical interaction and also optical tiny imaging technology.

Acoustooptic modulator

Acoustioptic inflection is a kind of outside inflection technology. The device that regulates the change of laser light beam strength is typically called modulator. The regulated signal is acted on the transducer in the form of electric signal (amplitude inflection), and then transformed right into the wave area altering in the form of electrical signal. When the light wave passes through the medium, the optical service provider is regulated as well as ends up being the strength regulated wave “lugging” details.

Acousto-optic modulator has the attributes of big modulation data transfer array, brief rise time, high damages threshold, high termination ratio, little dimension, high modulation performance, very easy coding and easy to use. It is widely used in intensity inflection, laser cooling, laser Doppler velocity measurement, laser Doppler resonance measurement (LDV). Laser linewidth dimension, product handling, LIDAR, printing, exploration, noting, micro-machining and also other associated fields.