Reasons why lab diamonds is gaining popularity in the UK

Technology has come a long way in every field and even in the field of jewellery. One of the greatest breakthroughs of all times in the world of jewels is the creation of lab grown diamonds. The technology has come a long way and today we can create much larger diamonds with better clarity in the lab. They are more accessible and affordable compared to organic diamonds. This is one of the many reasons behind the growing popularity of the lab grown diamonds. In UK, they are rapidly becoming a trend today. Let us find out the reasons behind the growing popularity in details.

It is affordable for all

The price of Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds was $300-$500 per carat in 2008 compared to $4000 per carat for organic diamonds. The prices have increased to some extent since then, but the disparity is still the same. The lower price makes lab grown diamonds more accessible to all- including younger people who have just started their career and earning. The lab diamonds are also mass produced and hence easily available. This is another reason behind the lower price though quality is not compromised.

Environmentally sustainable

Mining organic diamonds have a lot of environmental impacts. It is a rare substance and over the time, it is slowly diminishing. Moreover, it adds to the carbon footprint all over the world. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds have no such impact on the environment. However, the energy needed to produce these artificial diamonds is significant which have indirect impact on the environment. But when both varieties are compared, the environmental impact of lab grown diamonds is far less than organic ones. As a result, customers who are conscious about the environment are more inclined towards getting the lab grown diamonds instead.

They are ethically sourced

Lab grown diamonds are much more ethical choice when you consider the exploitations and harsh environment that mine-workers face. Issues like low wages, inhuman working conditions are constant and synonymous with organic diamonds and their mining process. In fact, in 2000s a huge diamond mine was discovered in Zimbabwe which led to the death of thousands of civilian miners. Those diamonds still circulated openly in open international market of Dubai and Antwerp.

On the other hand, artificial diamonds are created in controlled and safe environment of a lab. There is no such unethical practices. This factor about artificial diamonds appeal to many buyers all over UK, adding to their popularity.

Variety of designs

Organic diamonds can be cut in very specific ways because of their original form. Sometimes the original shape poses some limitation in cutting the diamond a certain way without reducing the size too much. Thus, many designs become difficult to create. But with lab grown diamonds such difficulties can be bypassed easily. These diamonds are created keeping the design in mind. You can get the perfect three stone engagement ring when you are opting for lab grown diamonds. There will be minimal irregularities and hence the ring would look perfect.

Affordable, ethical, beautiful and in no way less than organic diamonds- lab grown diamonds are the ideal choice for masses which have steadily led to their growing popularity.