Reasons to Consider using Virtual Assistants in your business

Hire Virtual Assistant

Every business requires assistants at one point and having a virtual assistant can be a boon for your business. Administrative work, such as proofreading, calendar management, and reservations, not only take a lot of time but are also a hassle when you have other important tasks to take care of. Making and managing calls is quite time-consuming and sometimes exhausting too. But virtual assistants are more than capable of taking over this work as well for you. Once you opt-in for virtual assistant outsourcing or hire one, you can even take benefits of social media and marketing tasks from this. Virtual assistants can create and manage email marketing, find where your potential audience is, and generate reports that can benefit you in several ways. To know more, start reading.

Why to Hire Virtual Assistants For your business

– Administrative Work Automation Using Virtual Assistant

According to research, an employee spends 552 hours (about 69 working days) on repetitive administrative work each year. This wastage of human resource allocation costs huge losses to businesses, especially for startups and growing businesses. Here are some 3 examples that are considered as least productive, eating into capable employee time and efforts:

  • Proofreading

Due to constraints or budget requirements, if a business doesn’t have a dedicated proofreading or content writing department, that will likely result in this work falling on in-house employees. Hire virtual assistants for repetitive and less-productive tasks like checking white papers, official letters (before submission of final draft), presentations, and much more. You can create presentation for marketing and in-house purposes using Virtual Assistant.

  • Calendar Management

Calendar management is one of the least productive and quite time-consuming tasks. An employee who is capable of and willing to do better productive work gets tired from tasks like calendar management. Using virtual assistant eliminate this problem by having schedule management and required experience.

  • Reservations

Unlike tasks like proofreading and calendar management, making hotel and flight reservations is unproductive and a hassle. Adding virtual assistants for reservations, as a remote personal assistant can easily take care of all your hotel room reservations, travel arrangements, and even restaurant table reservations.

– Managing Emails and Calls

From team leaders of small firms to the owners of giant businesses, checking emails, composing emails, and other tasks are undoubtedly unavoidable and the biggest time wasters. Several employees from lower and higher levels of management have reported that while they’re in the middle of an important task, an email pops up and disrupts their concentration. While replying to such emails hampers their continuity of work. Additionally, assigning a small section of your workforce to check calls and emails results in a further productivity loss of hours. 

Several psychological research shows that after checking an email in between of work, they required 23 minutes (on average) to focus again when resuming work. This is another problem that virtual assistants are capable of eliminating.

– Customer Support Management Using Virtual Assistants

After-sale problems aren’t new and inevitable as well. But providing required and deserved resolution is one of the most important factors for any type of business. Great customer support service leads to word-of-mouth promotion, considering one of the best promotion techniques!

Virtual assistants as customer service providers can add to the existing benefits as it’s capable of compiling records, gathering information, and even solving client issues for higher resolution and satisfaction!

– Managing Social Media & Marketing by using Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can create digital marketing campaigns for you, find industry-related social media accounts, look out where your potential customers spend most of their time digitally and provide several types of online marketing information/data. Additionally, virtual assistants can swiftly post on all your social media networks, schedule tweets, grow social media followers and even create an entire campaign for newsletters and email marketing.

Using virtual assistants, you can also get invites sent to the next events, set up a form to collect customer feedback, market a specific project, and advertise a company in the media.