Your TEFL certification is the foremost thing that a potential employer would look at to determine whether or not you are the right fit for the position. Many factors should be considered when choosing between TEFL certification courses. 

But the time and money you put into your education will pay dividends for the duration of your teaching career and beyond. This article will assist you in weighing the benefits of taking online TEFL courses versus in-person in order to make an informed decision. 

In-Person TEFL Course

When you take a TEFL course in person, you’ll immediately have access to a network of people who can help you with anything from completing paperwork to finding housing to giving you insider advice on how to avoid tourist traps.

You’ll feel more at ease and secure, and you’ll have easier access to the most prestigious English language schools and TEFL jobs in the area. 

Some other benefits include the following:

Meeting New People

You’ll form lifelong bonds with the people you train with during your TEFL program.

Find Accommodation

If you decide to take a TEFL course in the nation where you plan to settle, your course provider will likely be able to help you locate suitable accommodation or at least lead you on the appropriate path.

Enhance Teaching Skills

Practicing your teaching skills in front of an actual classroom filled with students is the best way to become used to teaching and overcome any anxiety you may have about presenting to a new group of people.

Online TEFL Course

A TEFL course certificate taken online offers the same convenience and mobility as any other online learning program. If you’re thinking ahead and want to advance your career or education, this is a great option for you.

An online TEFL program is convenient if you are not set on settling in one spot and want to move around a lot. You won’t be required to be as specialized in one domain because the skills you acquire are transferable and can be put to use in any country or even several. 

After finishing a TEFL course, you will be qualified to move overseas whenever you like.


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