Intelligence and intellectual qualities


You are slim

“According to a study published in the journal Neurology, slim subjects remembered 56 percent of the words in a word test, while overweight participants remembered 44 percent of the words. After five years, the thin ones survived the result with the same results, while the fatter ones’ result dropped to 38 percent.”

The explanations talk about memory instead of intelligence, but without memory you can’t be intellectually gifted either, and a good memory is one aspect of What Is The Average IQ For A 13 Year Old? A direct connection between thinness and intelligence cannot be drawn, but thinness and intelligence share a key variable. Capacity for discipline of mind. Objectivity requires discipline of the mind and staying slim is about the same thing.

Choose between immediate pleasure and long-term well-being. Focusing attention on intellectual instead of physical pleasure. Referring to my previous article, in the light of the variable of objectivity, it could therefore be assumed that slender people do better in other intellectual challenges as well. And when the thought patterns become stronger with age, the difference also increases, as it would seem based on the research.

You are left-handed

They are also creative thinkers who come up with new ideas in an instant.”

Creativity and intelligence are united by the ability to deviate from the mainstream and do things in a different way, and intelligence is always creativity because intelligence is the ability to survive in new situations. Intelligence is always the ability to stand outside of social acceptance, despite the fact that intelligence also concerns the mastery of social skills. A person who has adopted as his behavior model to go along with the crowd, is not able to come up with creative solutions when he comes to a real place.

Things often have their flip side and in relation to the mutual correlation of different factors related to intellectual abilities. Left-handed people have almost twice the risk of psychosis and have more mental health problems compared to right-handed people. We will return to mental health problems and their correlation with IQ later in this article. The next section sheds more light on the correlation of independent thinking with intelligence and IQ.

You are an introvert

“According to the research, 60 percent of gifted children are introverts, i.e. turned inward. When they grow up, they use it in their problem-solving skills. Even more than 75 percent of people with an IQ of around 160 are introverts.”

This study is unique for two reasons.Secondly, no other factor correlates as strongly with a high IQ as introversion.

An introvert’s and an extrovert’s perception of truth is very different. An introvert tries to approach things from an objective point of view, and the object of attention is finding facts without caring about personal feelings and the opinions of others. An extrovert tends to take subjective aspects into account and the direction of the object of attention is opposite to social acceptance and consideration of personal feelings.

For this reason, questioning the generally accepted truth is more challenging for an extrovert. Extroverts need each other to help them understand themselves.

Since objectivity, the most important variable of intelligence, requires the ability to face mental pain and a deep knowledge of oneself, as well as the ability to disagree with general opinion, introversion increases the probability of high intelligence in addition to IQ, and based on this research, it seems that the same factors that are a prerequisite for high intelligence also increase IQ.

But no one is completely introverted or extroverted, everyone has both. I think it is likely that the share of introversion in extroverts also increases their IQ.

You were breastfed as a baby

“In a Brazilian study, 6,000 people were followed from birth to 30 years old. Those who were breastfed for longer also had a better salary as adults than those who were bottle-fed.”

It is p The fact that I can’t name a causal connection doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be one.

You are curious

“According to a study, people who have a so-called curiosity quotient are more curious and hungry for ideas than others. Thanks to this style of thinking, they achieve a wide knowledge of things. Thinking style is described as “by far the best” tool for coming up with simple solutions to complex problems.”

This is related to the variables of intelligence to the computation time. The more time you spend on getting results, the more results you will achieve. Curiosity is constantly making observations, i.e. accumulating the capital on the basis of which evaluations and decisions can be made

Curiosity turns into creativity when competence in another field is curiously applied to a new purpose.

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