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King’s College Medical Student:

How I advise my exams so I thought I’d finally put together a post and tell you guys exactly how I prefer for my exams in medical school. And many students in my class are taking assignment writing help because they have no time to make their assignments before exams.

How I prepare for my exams in. Levels in my GCC’s in my undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences and in my first-year medicine so I really hope this post is somewhat informative to you guys I hope it helps you with your revision strategy and maybe you can take it.

A few tips from this post to help you with your revision so we’ll put a time stamp somewhere on the screen about what I’ll be talking about. The post and precisely what time, so if you want to skip ahead to any part of the post, please go ahead before I saw. The post I want to talk about. A new program is being run at Kings, which I think will be really helpful to a lot of you guys are taking cipd assignment help uk because you like their services because they provide the best assignments at very affordable prices.

Kings involving events activities:

Different workshops to support your University application and basically making. The best candidate for Appliance medical university and once you’re actually in University to reach your maximum potential, it’s aimed at currently adult students, so if you’re in your 12 right now and you think about parts University definitely.

Check it out, and it’s eligible people who are studying non-selective schools in greater London inside. In the program, there are seven different subject streams so you can choose from dentistry I’m healthcare which is obviously including medicine as well law history and politics, maths, and computer science as well so each stuff extreme is different and I definitely courage you to go on the website and have one.

Support your application University:

A look at where the subject’s dream matches your best. The overall goal of the program is basically to support your application to University and make you a very competitive applicant for applying to the University, so you want to go to one of the highlights of the program, which I thought was really cool, is a free summer in medical school, and that basically has a number of activities which again prepare you for university application, so for example, in summer school there’s a bunch of different academic tutorials, but basically, you’re paired.

Wake up super early in Medical college.

They’re having cases where I’ve literally gone over the lot of the module twice once, having no time at all, but I do encourage you to go. The module as many times as possible, I used to be able to actively recall any information that might be in any of the lectures and finally, when the morning of the exam comes. The note for the exam and what I have to do I always do and if I have a 9:00 a.m. exam, I wake up super early to read through it. The entire module all over again, this time stitch you like opening up.

I a book and open up my notes and literally just flick through it as fast as possible kind of reading over the tricky parts really over. The method parts just require me to memorize my random drug names, and that really is important for me because it kind of puts all the information in my head at once. I’m not saying it’s something you should do because it isn’t it does make you really tired, and sometimes I don’t have a couple of hours of sleep for an exam.

Recommend you doing:

I don’t recommend you do that, it’s just something. I just have to do I don’t know if it’s OCD, but it is something. I’ve gotten used to doing it is pretty nice for the exams at 2 p.m. because it means I can wake up at like 8 a.m. and go through. The whole entire module one more time, and finally once I’ve sat. The exam and the exams all the way I go and have a fantastic time I wrote each party my friends have a good time and. They celebrate, and once all of that is over, I come back to my desk for a final time I promise the final time, and what I do is I get all of my paper notes out, and I actually scan them, so I actually have a portable.

There I have a tiny tiny scanner that I use to scan all my notes, so I scan them and I put them online. The reason why is I absolutely hate paper and after five years of medicine doing a for the medical degree, you end up with hundreds of different folders in hundreds and hundreds of different papers so I like just scanning it and uploading it to one drive or you can upload this Dropbox as well if you want I definitely recommend doing that in case you lose your notes or in case you’re in the hospital and you really really want to know that random fact II forgot you’re on your phone bring up. The lecture brings up the notes you have, and just go over it one more time.

Your notes online:

If you don’t have a scanner, you can use one of those absent further you can take. A picture of that does take a bit longer I definitely recommend uploading all of your notes online, or if you decide to use a tablet like an iPad or a samsung tablet like mine to use your notes, then go ahead and upload them all online because it makes it so much easier but as my final point which is probably my most important point please please please try and find.

The strategy that works for you again is me presenting to you what works for me. The last couple of years but try and find something that works for you what works for one man, there’s. A necessarily work for the next man so try your best to test out different strategies maybe try my charm my strategy before a mock exam, so it’s not obvious.

Try out different strategies:

For the actual exam, tries out different strategies and see what works for you hopefully, you can take it. Here are a few things from this post to help you out once you do go to medical university or you do start levels whatever, you eventually will learn the strategy that works best for you, but yeah, that’s how I rushed my exams. I’m gonna go back to making notes right now is I have so many lectures I need to go through but let me know if have any questions at all if there’s any aspect of this post.

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