How To Respond To One-Word Texts From Guys

Ron, “ Hey”

Susan, “Hey”

Ron, “ wyd?”

Susan, “ Nothing much, just lying down.”

Ron, “ Ok”

After two hours,

Susan, “ You there, Ron ?”

Ron, “ Yeah”

Susan, “ Stop texting me if you’re gonna keep doing that.”

Ron, “ Lol, calm down.”

Sounds irritating, right?

One-liners can be really irritating. Especially, then when you are craving to communicate with your man. Ours is a generation where texting is considered to be a lot cooler in comparison to calling. In our busy schedule, it can get really difficult to call your partner or friend every now and then. Just to check on them.

Letting Him Know!

No matter how difficult it may sound in the beginning, you’ve got to let him know about his dry texting. Dry texting, is the fancy title assigned to those boring one-liners or one-word texts. That your man dares to send you.

If his arms are your happy place, then the onus is on you. You’ve got to come up with ways on how to respond to those mundane, heart-wrenching one-words.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to respond to your guy’s one-word texts.

1. Stop Assuming!

You need to stop making assumptions and overthinking unnecessarily. Assuming the worst isn’t going to help your case. Albeit, this can be really difficult to practice. You do not understand the tone of the person texting you. Nor see their facial expressions and gestures.

Therefore, there’s every room for misinterpretation. Especially, when it is just- ‘A WORD!’

There begins your assumptions: ‘Is he bored with me?’ ‘Is he busy playing video games?’ ‘Does he not want to talk to me?’  ‘ Does he not get it that his one word answers might come off as arrogant?’

Do you know what is better than these Ifs and buts? Call him up! Communicate.

2. Change The Topic.

Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant.

Sounds familiar? Yes, apply that philosophy here as well.

Sometimes, constant texting can be really boring. He might not know what to text you back. If you tend to stretch the conversation over a particular topic. Just so, you are expecting more out of him. It is important to be considerate as well.

For instance, you start having a conversation with your guy about a cute dog that you have seen at the parking lot. Sounds cute when you first tell him.

What happens when you keep blabbering about it? He tends to lose interest. After all, what is more, to talk about a cute dog?

“ You know babe, what is cuter?”

“ Your smile !”

It can act as a game changer.

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3. Call Him Up!

Yes, call him up. Phone calls, video calls, whatever.

“Heart wants what it wants.”This will help you do away with all the overthinking that you had planned for the day.

How do you know whether or not he is comfortable taking calls? Well, for this, you’d require a little bit of self-research. Not the one that you need to pen down your Ph.D. paper. Instead, something even more difficult.

In case you were wondering, I’d say easier. Well, the joke is on you.

Understand his comfort zones. Once you’re on board with his likes and dislikes. Take your call! I mean, make your call.

4. Giving Him Space!

For one word, texts don’t always mean that he is bored with you or he is ignoring you. I might also mean that he is busy. Busy with something more important. No, this does not qualify as grounds to analyze your importance in his life.

All of us have certain things that need our attention right away. Texting him constantly during those times can annoy him. If not annoyed, then be prepared to expect distracted replies.

You do want his full attention, right? Give him space. Ask him if he is busy. End the conversation with a flirty text. This will make him want to come back to the conversation as soon as he is free. There are chances that he might initiate the conversation.

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5. Confront Him

Beating about the bush has never been helpful. You have to be direct in matters of the heart. Miscommunication and misinterpretation have ruined so many relationships on an everyday basis.

How to tell him that he is a dry texter?

You can start the conversation by tagging him on a random ‘how to not be a dry texter’ meme. Memes do the trick when everything else seems to fail. Has done the trick for me. *wink*


“When I text you a whole paragraph…

And you text me back 40 minutes later,

Saying ‘K’?

Are you asking to be punched?”

In the present setting of our busy lives, texting is probably the only mode of communication at times. It better be engaging. The entire point of communication becomes impotent. Opting for a middle ground will save you all the drama and help you guys achieve a real conversation.

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