How to rain-proof your home during Monsoon?

waterproof home

There is no denying that the rainy season is the most thriving season to enjoy the beauty of
nature to the fullest. However, along with enhancing the surroundings, it acts as a threat to the
durability and construction of our living spaces.

Moisture is directly related to damp and flaky walls and other interiors of your home. Also,
Mumbai is one of the places situated near coastal areas where the impact of the monsoon can
be greater than on other terrains. Hence, rain proofing your living space becomes important for
you to live healthy, without worrying about the end-time solutions to the damage caused by the

This includes following some tips suggested by some home architects in Mumbai. Let’s get
better insights on the ways you can strengthen your house to withstand the rainy season

Paying heed to wall cracks

One of the first indications of damage in homes is wall cracks. And, rain has the potential to
damage both interior and exterior walls. Yes, water may leak through and create fractures on
the walls if they are not painted with waterproof paint. As a result, this could cause fungus to
grow and leave your home smelling musty.

Therefore, keep a watch out for these wall cracks and consult the best home architects for
assistance if necessary. When arranging to have your house or apartment painted, always
strive to select weather proof paints.

Safeguarding the walls

Monsoons are known for their musty smell. Mould and mildew can grow on the walls, which
makes the odour worse. In these situations, scrape off the mould and clean the walls with a
solution of water and bleach. In addition to cleansing, bleach also serves as a disinfectant,
preventing the mould from returning.

Maintain optimum ventilation

Being indoors during monsoons can be gloomy and depressing due to less natural light and
more dampness. Therefore, make sure your rooms have adequate airflow to increase freshness

and prevent odours. A dehumidifier can help to lessen the wetness and musty smell brought on
by the development of mould and mildew.

Keep the windows open, once it stops raining to allow fresh air inside. You can also seek help
from a renowned home architect in Mumbai or a designer to know some tips to optimise your
space and have wider windows for proper ventilation.

Check doors and windows

You may have noticed that your home’s wooden doors and windows bulge during the rainy
season. This is brought on by the atmosphere’s elevated moisture content. The swelling could
make it difficult for you to shut the doors. To solve this issue, try using sandpaper to scrape off
the swollen area of the door or ask a carpenter for assistance.

Also, unclog the drains and pipes running through your home. Stagnant water can be the
breeding ground for mosquitoes and can dampen the walls deeply. So, be sure to check drains
to keep such health-tolling problems at bay.

All these pointers are some effective tips that every homeowner should know to keep their
homes free from the consequences of the rainy season.

Furthermore, you can take care of your home’s walls and interiors by applying a sheath of wall
putty. There are many types of wall putties available in the market. Choose the one with rain
proofing qualities and to have maximum benefits.

Regardless, you can always contact the best architects in India to guide you every step of the
way. They are experts who can highlight your home’s architectural needs to safeguard it from

Hope this article helped you get some simple yet effective points to maintain home hygiene
during the monsoon season in Mumbai.