How to make the best use of wall putty for your walls?

wall putty

When someone compliments the finish and flair of your home walls, it is a proud moment. But, to attain such an unblemished finish on the walls, you must spend both efforts and time planning your wall painting venture. So, if you wish to give the walls of your heavenly abode a refreshing feeling and a premium finish, you have come to the right place.

That said, one of the best ways to start afresh with your home is to paint it with beautiful colours and textures. It will not only make your home an equally stylish sanctuary but also make a lasting impression on your guests. We must not forget that the interior and exterior surfaces of our homes are always susceptible to external influences like dampness, efflorescence, mould formation, etc. 

Not only this but there have been many times you might have looked at your blank walls and wondered what could give the space more character. Or sometimes you must have noticed that it lacks a focal point and needs a revamp. With the flawless and protective finish to the walls made easy with wall putty, you can transform your space in an impactful and easy way.

How is wall putty beneficial for walls?

Wall putties lay down a strong foundation for the paint by allocating an even and smooth surface to colour over. Whether you are just planning to repaint your home or move into a new one, it will guarantee that your new paints last longer to give that first-day appearance throughout the year.

Since there are numerous kinds of wall putties available in the market, hence, it becomes essential to understand all the options well before investing. Good wall paint can either make or break your impression in front of your friends and relatives. But, as per the recommendations of professional wall experts, using white cement-based putties like JKCement WallMaxX from reputed wall putty brands like JKCement is considered the best alternative, if you are looking for the perfect finish for the walls of your home. It not only adds a silky and smooth finish to the painted surfaces but also increases their paint life.

Branded as India’s No.1 Putty, this wall putty makes your home #AndarSeSundar. With its brilliant finish, superior whiteness and higher coverage, it safeguards the walls of your house from flaking, cracks, and gaps and provides “Sundar Deewaron ki Guarantee”. 

How wall putty enhances your home aesthetics?

Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, you can make the best use of wall putty for enhancing your home aesthetics by:

  • Creating wall putty textured wall designs like Stencil and Mural designs.
  • Craft DIY table and wall decor with wall putty and waste material like antiques, planters, etc.

How to make the best use of wall putty?

To make the optimum use of wall putty for the painted walls in your home and get the desired results, here’s what you can do:

  • Firstly, allow your primer to dry completely before the application of wall putty. 
  • Check the surfaces of your walls for any imperfections like hairline cracks, gaps, etc. If any are found, remove the dirt from the gap and fill it with putty for effective results. After this, let the first coat dry completely and then go for the second coat.
  • Following the second coat, let the wall dry overnight.
  • Once done, smoothen the surface with sandpaper before applying the final coat of primer.
  • Then, paint the surface with a colour of your choice. 

To boost the aesthetic beauty and endurance of the walls of your home, using the right kind of wall putty and its proper applications on the surfaces is essential. With the care of our range of white cement-based putties, you can transform your home inside out and take delight in admiring it every day.