How to Draw A Monarch Butterfly

How to Draw A Monarch Butterfly. Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful and colourful creatures.

Monarch butterfly Drawing

How to Draw A Monarch Butterfly. Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful and colourful creatures. These beautiful insects have intricate and colourful wings, with many different species and variations to admire.

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One of the most famous and striking butterflies is the beautiful monarch butterfly. These fantastic butterflies have beautiful detail on their large wings, but learning how to draw a monarch butterfly can be difficult. If you want to understand how to tauten this beautiful butterfly, you’ve come to the right guide!

How to Draw A Monarch Butterfly

Step 1

Before we start on the fantastic butterfly wings, let’s first focus on the head and body in this first step of our guide on drawing a monarch butterfly. You can draw two small round shapes for the butterfly’s eyes. So you can extend two straight lines from those eyes to the antennae.

These lines also have thick ends for the tips of these antennas. Once this head is complete, let’s build the butterfly’s body. This comprises many smaller connected segments, the first of which has a round shape roughly the size of the head.

Finally, we connect similar rounded shapes that get smaller and thinner towards the bottom. Now that we’ve drawn the body as it appears in our reference image, we’re ready for the next step.

Step 2

It wouldn’t be a giant butterfly without beautiful wings, so in this second part, we will start adding the former to your monarch butterfly design.

Now let’s draw the top half of the wing on the right side of the butterfly. To draw this wing section, we’ll use curved lines to replicate the shape in the reference image.

There are irregular lines on the right edge of the wing, which then move inward to form a relatively small base that connects to the body.

Step 3

For the third step of this tutorial on how to draw a monarch butterfly, we’ll mirror what you did in the last step.

In this part, we will create the top half of the wing on the left side of the butterfly, which will have a very similar shape to the first part drawn in step 2. Once we’ve drawn these two halves, we’re ready for the bottom wing halves in the next step!

Step 4

In this part of the drawing of your monarch butterfly, you will draw the two lower parts of the wings. These sections are very different from the top halves you’ve already drawn, as they are more rounded and stocky.

They extend from the base of the upper wing halves and are drawn using rounded lines with irregular edges on the sides. Once you’ve finished the outlines of the wings, the next step is to decorate them!

Step 5

We’ve discussed drawing a monarch butterfly a few times in this guide about how beautiful their wing patterns are, and we’re going to start drawing them in this part. This is possibly the trickiest part of the tutorial, as the pattern can be pretty complicated.

Draw A Monarch Butterfly

We’ll do this slowly as we go, following the reference image closely to ensure there’s no frustration! The pattern for the wings will be quite thick around the edges, with finer, more intricate lines extending inside the wings. There are also white dot shapes in some of the black edges, thicker edges.

After replicating the model as it appears in the reference image, you’re ready for the final step! Before proceeding, you can create your unique wing pattern once you get the hang of it, and you could also draw an exciting background for your monarch butterfly design.

Step 6

This particular butterfly is known for its distinctive brown and gold colouring, and that’s what we were looking for in our reference image.

Monarch butterfly Drawing

You can use the same colour scheme for your monarch butterfly design, but this is a step where you might as well get creative with your colour choices! You can create your unique butterfly variation with bold and unique colour choices or go for a more realistic look.

This type of image would work well with some painting media, such as watercolours or acrylics, but whatever you use will be amazing!

Your Monarch Butterfly Drawing is Finished!

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