Get the Best Humanities Research Topics which are Ideal to Explore and Write About

Humanities Research Topics


Humanities involve the study of human beings how they processed and faced different experiences. It is the study on how they made their identities, grew up culture and heritage, made complex views and understand personal and intellectual properties. The study expands beyond philosophy and how religions grew, their views on political and economic issues and culture.

Study of Humanities

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How to make assignment papers on Humanities

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The interesting research topics of Humanities

  1. Contemporary Political View and Account on Music
  2. A Closer View At the Age of Enlightenment
  3. The Importance of Studying Humanities
  4. How Bible played an important role in the Development of the US Democracy
  5. The Causes which Heightened the Problem of Race in the US
  6. Impacts of Consumerism on Sustainability
  7. The benefits of countercultures in the society: A deep view
  8. The Identity of Appalachian region
  9. Impacts of early labor struggles in England and its Political impacts in the 19th Century
  10. Fashion trends in the society: How they are connected to Cultures
  11. The issues faced by the different genders
  12. Is poverty a social issue?
  13. Do we need to legitimize prostitution?
  14. The differences between sects and cults
  15. The different gender roles in the society
  16. Effects of poverty in Education: A case study of Texas, USA
  17. Differences between interstate conflicts and wars
  18. Social problems faced by the people living with disabilities
  19. Use the conflict theory to prevent the fight within families for resources

  20. More restrictive gun Laws that should be implemented by America: Discuss
  21. Analyzing the impacts of daily family routine on a child’s development
  22. A case study of Iraq on the failure of democracy
  23. A study on why the older generations find it difficult to understand the youth culture?
  24. Analysis of the executive power in the US
  25. Whether capitalism is good for the country?
  26. How poverty in the rural communities in the US are affecting
  27. What is the main cause of the Israel-Palestinian war?
  28. How is gender and spirituality connected?
  29. How socio-political development of India is affected by Hinduism?
  30. A historical analysis of the migrant workers from India
  31. Importance of public choice
  32. The development of Twitter into a powerful political platform
  33. Discuss the main issues of anthropology
  34. Analyze Italian fashion and its connection to Chinese culture.
  35. Relationship between bureaucracy and the law-making process.
  36. Evolution of photography in the 21st century and how it is shaping public opinion


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