Garlic and Erectile Dysfunction Connection

Garlic and erectile dysfunction are often discussed, and we will discuss the role of Garlic in sexual dysfunctions in detail. Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction in men and can occur at any age. Although aging is linked with decreased libido and weaker erections, many younger men are facing erectile dysfunction in this era. It could happen due to various reasons, which could be physiological or psychological, or both. The physiological reasons include diabetes, high blood pressure, the nervous system, cardiovascular disorder, or other health conditions. Psychological reasons could be mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Though the reason may vary from person to person, it is extremely important to get hold of the exact underlying issue. Finding the reason will aid correct treatment. Most men don’t even try to fight for themselves and accept erectile dysfunction as a part of life. Little do they know, the treatment is just a consultation away. Even some home remedies have proven successful and help in correcting erectile dysfunction. 

Garlic and Erectile Dysfunction

Like other quick home remedies, Garlic is also quite a famous ingredient that is found helpful in correcting erectile dysfunction. Garlic has been used in our kitchens for ages owing to its remarkable medicinal properties. But can Garlic help erectile dysfunction as well?

Well, Garlic can help with dysfunction due to its various properties. It contains polysulphides that release hydrogen sulfide in the body. This particular gas aids the relaxation of blood vessels that improves blood flow, which in turn helps in improving erections. 

Garlic is known to increase the Nitric oxide level in the body. As popularly known, NO helps in vasodilation that relaxes the blood vessels. It further helps improve the blood flow, which again will help with erectile dysfunction. The main component of Garlic is allicin. Allicin is a bioactive compound that helps improve blood flow and lowers cholesterol levels. The actions will help improve health and, in turn, will result in firmer erections. 

Garlic is rich in selenium and is great for sperm health and improves male fertility. It is also known to boost testosterone levels, which favors sexual health. Also a good source of antioxidants, it helps block free radicals, and these actions help boost male fertility and fight sexual dysfunctions. 

How can I take Garlic?

The best way to take Garlic for erectile dysfunction is in the morning. You can take 3-4 fresh cloves in the morning. You can also ingest Garlic in milk or honey. If the taste bothers you, try taking 2 cloves of Garlic with one teaspoon of honey. Raw Garlic is more effective than the cooked version, Not that cooked will have no benefits, but the raw form is more potent. 

You cannot expect the treatment to work overnight. Take Garlic in the way that suits you for about 3-4 months on an empty stomach to note the difference. 

More Natural Remedies

Now when we are off talking about Garlic and its benefits, we should also give a quick glance at our lifestyle choices that can make all the difference. Ingesting Garlic alone with a bad lifestyle will not make much difference, and make sure to adapt these changes to see the evident change.

Diet – Improve your diet and consume whole foods, nuts, legumes, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Get rid of anything refined in your cooking. Prepare fresh meals with raw ingredients at home. Ditch eating out and ordering in to maintain healthy eating habits. 

Exercise – Physical activity, in addition, will make a huge difference. Even if you have never worked out before, get into your track pants and dedicate a specific time to the physical activity of your choice. A simple exercise like brisk walking for 40 minutes can also help improve your health. 

Alcohol and smoking – Limit the intake of alcohol and quit smoking to lead a healthy life. These habits will hold you back, and your efforts will all be in vain if you cannot do this part.

Maintaining weight – Obesity is the root cause of several health issues, and erectile dysfunction is one of them. You can shed those extra kilos and get in shape with the help of a proper diet and exercise, and staying fit will speed up your recovery. 

Bottom Line 

Garlic and erectile dysfunction have been studied in various studies and have delivered positive results. The aphrodisiac action and various properties can help you achieve firmer erections. Include Garlic in your routine to see the difference. Be consistent with the use to claim the benefits.