Finding a Job in the UK? Six Tips for International Students

International students may need help finding the highest-paying graduate jobs in the UK. Making an additional effort to stand out to employers is all you need to do to land your dream job in the UK.

The top takeaways that can help you to get a job in the UK:

Apply Early

Most businesses often hire on a first-come, first-served basis or a rotating basis. In other words, the chances are that the application portals will be closed if you decide to apply the day before the final deadline because you are too busy hanging out with your friends. According to the story’s lesson, it is always early enough to apply.

The Key is Preparation

Nowadays, most businesses operate psychometric exams that measure numerical, logical, inductive, and situational judgment. These test your knowledge, skills, and responses to techniques that you would experience at work. 

Pre-prepared Questions 

Think of an answer before recording your responses are now extremely popular in recorded video interviews. Dress professionally and have confidence. Artificial intelligence is used to evaluate many online discussions, so the slightest factors matter, such as your smile, lighting, eye contact, and response time.

Investigate the Business

Questions like, “What makes you want to work here?” are the most common. Give a response unique to the employer, as opposed to very general responses that practically all employers may use. Mention the employer’s vision, a recent project the company completed that you particularly appreciated, or how their principles connect with your personal beliefs and ethics.

Connect and Develop

Connecting with someone presently employed by the firm on LinkedIn and learning about the company. It is an excellent method to prepare for an interview.

For instance, if you are applying for an internship and you learn that previous interns had the opportunity to speak with the Chief Financial Officer, then you can mention in your assessment center how it appeals to you that interns get the chance to talk with senior stakeholders to enhance their potential and grow their network.

Be Active

Get jobs that are relevant to the industry you wish to get into. Take advantage of your first year’s spring insight weeks to prepare you for summer internships, graduate programs, and beyond.

Additionally, several positions are flexible and allow you to develop your talents while earning money, like PASS Leader, Peer Mentor, Career Peer Support Assistant, and many more. Always keep an eye on the Student Circus, one of the leading UK job portal, and apply as soon as a position of your interest is available.

Move on After Learning

Rejections are unavoidable, but rather than losing motivation and feeling depressed, ask for feedback to find out what went wrong. Make sure to avoid making the same errors in your subsequent applications. You can get rejected 99 times, but you only need one offer you always wanted.