Can I do Tawaf in normal clothes?

Can I do Tawaf in Normal clothes

Whenever you make a pilgrimage to the House of Allah, either greater or minor, you have to make Tawaf. Therefore, it is very important to understand the term Tawaf, and you should take the time to find out what it exactly means. Although people do Tawaf during Umrah in Ihram state, can you do Tawaf in normal clothes? Read this context “Can I do Tawaf in normal clothes?” to fully understand the right answer. This whole description will benefit you in learning Tawaf rules and restrictions.

Tawaf is one of the most important rites of Umrah and Hajj that refers to the anti-clockwise circling or walking around the Holy Kaaba. The term ‘Tawaf’ means ‘to encircle or walk around something.’ It is one of the most important rituals of both Hajj and Umrah. Without Tawaf, any pilgrimage, either greater or minor, would be incomplete. When performing Tawaf, pilgrims recite Takbir and various other prayers based on the Prophet’s Sunnah.

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Performing Tawaf in normal clothes 

Although pilgrims do Tawaf during Hajj and Umrah in Ihram, you may also be done Tawaf in normal clothes. Tawaf done without Ihram state is called Nafl Tawaf. 

Nafl-circumambulation is also a type of Tawaf. Performing Nafl Tawaf is a Nafl act that can be performed anytime without wearing Ihram. 

To perform it, there is no need to wear Ihram because it can be done at any time without any special preparation like Nafl Salah. During the stay of Makkah, a Muslim can perform multiple nafl Tawafs for himself and on behalf of relatives. Normally, people perform this type of Tawaf whenever they want in Masjid al-Haram.

Once it is complete, offer Salah al-Tawaf’s two Rakats behind Maqam e Ibrahim, and go to Zamzam water storages (coolers and dispensers) to drink holy Water. 

Forbidden actions of Ihram 

When you enter the state of Ihram, you cannot perform the following actions: 

  • Using perfume or fragrance
  • Wearing sewn/stitched clothes and shoes (for men)
  • Hunting
  • Performing Nafl Tawaf
  • Killing insects
  • Cutting nails and hair
  • Intercourse or sexual activity
  • Wearing makeup
  • Covering face and head

How many times can I do Tawaf in normal clothes? 

Revolving around the Kaaba seven times is called Tawaf. Pilgrims perform Tawaf once in Umrah and two or three times in Hajj. But there is no prohibition in performing Nafil Tawaf depending on the quantity. Muslims do not need to proceed to Sa’i after Nafl Tawaf.

Mostly, Muslims book the 10-days or 14-day Umrah packages in which 5 or 7 days are spent in Makkah and 5 or 7 days in Madinah. They divided their entire journey in this order to spend more time seeking Allah’s grace. There is no doubt that Umrah can be done in 4 to 5 hours but the remaining 4 or 6 days are still left. They try to perform 2nd Umrah or more on behalf of relatives these days. 

According to some scholars, it is better to have a gap of 10 days between one Umrah and another. But some say that they can’t stay in the Kingdom for the next 10 days, so they can perform a second Umrah in a short time. But there is no difference of opinion in performing Nafl Tawaf 2, 3, 4 or more. They can perform it when they have time.

Rules for Tawaf:

  • You must be in the state of wudu during Tawaf.
  • It is also important to perform Tawaf Niyyah.
  • Pilgrims must start the Tawaf from the Black Stone called Hajr e-Aswad.
  • You must complete your rounds to the Holy Kaaba anti-clockwise seven times.
  • A pilgrim can perform the Vitr prayer during Tawaf. 
  • A pilgrim can perform the Vitr prayer during Tawaf. 
  • Once the Vitr prayer is performed, the pilgrim should return to the Tawaf to perform.

What is the best time for performing Tawaf in normal clothes?

There is no perfect time given for Nafl Tawaf. Some recommended times allow you to complete Tawaf in peace. This is specifically around sunrise, just after the Zuhr Prayer. The heat is bearable at this time, and Mataaf is relatively uncrowded, especially if you are with the elderly or children.


Performing Tawaf is the greatest blessing from Allah (SWT). It is one of the honourable acts during Hajj and Umrah. So, you should be careful about the rulings and restrictions of Tawaf. Once you have done your Umrah package or Hajj Package, you should know Tawaf’s instructions.