Best Way to Increase Value of Your Property with Loft Conversion

Loft conversion

Did you know your house will become much more attractive to prospective buyers with some sprucing up and cleaning works? Well, a loft conversion can be a great addition to increase your home’s value which can actually reap greater rewards in the future. In today’s highly competitive housing sector, loft conversion specialists in London are looking for effective ways to get the most from costly properties. When deciding to add worth to your house, you will imagine a sizeable extension in the project that will take some months for completion. But it reality, it will be easy than you expect to add value to your property with some changes in the existing one.

Unlock gull potential of your house

Whether it is just a mark of paint for giving polished finish to your space to updating all the rooms, the projects can be done at a quick pace according to your budget. Many plans fall under the permitted development or do not require any permission from the housing authority. It is a wise decision to seek advice of a professional before starting to work out the parameters of your new project. Adding simple decorations can actually modernize the entire space and increase overall value of the property.

Add up finishing touches

Do you remember when it was the last time you had given a fresh paint coat to your living room? It is said that the first impression means a lot to probable buyers. You should take sufficient time to maintain overall aesthetics of your property. It is important to decide on the tone by tweaking colour palette or choose light-shade paint for giving illusion of space in the smaller rooms. When there are worn-out floors, this can diminish the appeal of your home. Besides, scratched-up tiles won’t be a good deal and so, it might be the right time to consider for a replacement. You will find stone floors are a popular option to enhance your home’s worth but you may not have to rip up the floors for your desired effect. Rather, go for wooden panels which can rejuvenate the properties in due course.

Take a look at the cooking space

Usually, the kitchen regards as the major selling point of a home. It is well considering for updating cooking area so that it looks appealing to prospective buyers. The scope of kitchen update may range from replacing appliances and worktops to creating a completely new open-plan layout. You can also think of renovating the bathroom as it may add up to five per cent to overall value of your home. Try to fit in a shower or change the layout of your bathroom to improve the functionality of this space. If there is a garden in your house, then this can add appeal for the surveyors in London where outside area is expensive. Make sure you do not waste the potential of garden by keeping it untidy.

Both gardening and up keeping may be a DIY project, but if you want to add a patio for creating refined space, then you need to contact the experts at the Loft conversions London today.

Ultimate added-value solution

If you can add another bedroom, office space or living area but have to deal with the expenses of floor extension, then converting the loft space might be the perfect solution. You will find several considerations for a loft conversion but with the guidance of contractors, the value of your home will definitely increase. Enhancing a home’s value by at least of 10 to 20% provides higher return on investment and the best value for money in home improvement project. By considering different range of loft conversion types such as Velux, dormer or Mansard, it is possible to attain them within the present footprint of your property.

Besides, an unused attic may become a fully functional home-working area or bedroom sanctuary having lots of storage capacity. Though most attic conversions conform to abide by building regulations, they generally do not require any planning permission. So, they are a great way of expanding usable space in a property which can certainly attract prospective buyers at increased value.