Best Places to visit in Paris



Visit in Paris

Have you ever wondered the Paris is called the City of Light? This city is known as a destination for lovers, artists, and most importantly tourists. Paris is home to so many incredible places to visit. You must plan a tour to Paris if you are seeking a romantic trip with your partner. In addition, Paris is famous for its local food, culture, and tradition. So, when you are here in Paris, make sure to learn the history and its well-known customs and culture! 

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1 – Catacombs 

Paris is known for the catacombs that are deep below Paris’s busy streets. the catacombs lies a rather gruesome sight that was established in the late 1700s. the catacombs were made in order to reduce overflowing graveyards and cemeteries. However, the catacombs now contain the remains of more than six million people. Adore the skulls lining the walls of the catacombs with bones making up oddly decorative corner pieces.

2 – Notre Dame Cathedral 

This church is an incredible site to visit and is counted as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. the church is chaotic with estimates of 12 million to 13 million visitors annually. Spend time in the cathedral to get an epic experience. The cathedral has stood the test of time and its gargoyles have been observed over Paris for over 700 years.

3 – Eiffel Tower 

Eiffel Tower is the most iconic place to visit in the city, without which the Paris tour would not be complete. The world-famous Eiffel Tower is one of Gustave Eiffel’s most well-known masterpieces. The Eiffel Tower is a soaring tower built from wrought iron and dates back to the late 1880s. 

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4 – Sainte-Chapelle 

This attraction in the city is a pure gem that is located on Île de la Cité. In addition, the Sainte-Chapelle was built to contain important Christian relics. The Sainte-Chapelle is close to the historic homes of former French Kings. Adore the spectacular Church here that dates back to the 1200s. You can watch the church that sees relatively few visitors compared with other major Parisian attractions. 

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5 – Louvre 

This attraction is an amazing place to visit that sits on the banks of the River Seine. In addition, the Louvre is the biggest art museum in the world. this Louvre offers a no-brainer of Paris’s must-visit sites. The Louvre is home to more than 450,000 objects from various points in time. The facts range from prehistoric times to the present day, as well as some 35,000 pieces of art. 

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