5 Beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

5 Beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Paraiba tourmaline might be a new discovery in the gemstone world, but no gemstone has ever achieved the heights of popularity more than paraiba tourmaline. The bluish-green and greenish-blue paraiba tourmaline are two of the most sought-after gemstones known for their exceptional beauty.

The jewelry enthusiasts have a special place for paraiba tourmaline jewelry in their hearts. Paraiba tourmaline is considered the most appealing gemstone among green and blue tourmaline because of its striking color saturation that compels you to add one to your collection.

If you also find yourself attracted to this rare gemstone, here are the top 5 pieces of paraiba tourmaline jewelry you should add to your jewel box.

1. Solitaire Ring

paraiba tourmaline solitaire ring

No other ring setting can ever match the uniqueness of the solitaire ring. Solitaire rings are known for their timeless beauty and the solitaire setting is a favorite ring setting of every woman. The neon color of paraiba tourmaline adds a texture of uniqueness that attracts attention from all around.

The solitaire ring setting lets the center stone enjoy all the limelight and makes the ring look extremely beautiful. Choose a perfect stone shape to add stars to your ring and elevate the beauty of your finger.

2. Toi et Moi Ring

two-stone paraiba tourmaline ring

Toi et Moi ring is one of the most romantic ways for couples to express their eternal love for each other. In French, ‘Toi et Moi’ stands for ‘You and Me,’ making it a perfect ring for lovers to gift each other as a gesture of endless love for each other. Design yourself a gorgeous two-stone paraiba tourmaline ring symbolizing two hearts that have come together to share love.

Pair paraiba tourmaline with a dark color gemstone like ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, etc., to double up the glamour of the ring.

3. Stud Earrings

paraiba tourmaline stud earrings

Stud earrings are one of the most comfortable earrings that give a decent and minimalist appearance to the wearer. The design and structure of the stud earrings can easily be matched with any outfit and instantly make you ready for any event.

One of the best things about stud earrings is that they are very comfortable and can be worn for a long time without any pain in the earlobe. Choose the right stud style according to your aesthetics to amp up your style quotient. So, if you want to style yourself elegantly, quickly add a beautiful pair of paraiba tourmaline stud earrings to your jewelry collection.  

4. Solitaire Necklace

A solitaire necklace gives you a more feminine appeal and can easily mold itself according to your personality. It’s simple to style yourself gracefully with a gorgeous piece of the solitaire pendant. Paraiba tourmaline is one of the rare and suitable stones for pendants that complete not only your outfit but also make you look glamorous.

The neon blue of paraiba tourmaline stimulates sentiments and draws all attention to the necklace. The paraiba tourmaline solitaire necklace is also a perfect gift for those who love to adorn themselves with a minimalist piece of jewelry. So, if you’re thinking of gifting paraiba tourmaline jewelry to your loved ones, a solitaire necklace will do wonders for you.

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5. Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is of a modern and stylish ornament that is easy to wear and comfortable on the wrist. In this day and age, tennis bracelets are highly popular and are on the favorite jewelry list of women.

Design yourself a paraiba tourmaline bracelet to make a unique style statement. The distinctive bluish shade of paraiba tourmaline will make your wrist look stunning and give you a party-ready look.

Add paraiba tourmaline jewelry to your collection to have something unique with which you can style yourself differently. You can check out GemsNY’s paraiba tourmaline on-sale category to get yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry.