7 Best Databases for React Native App Development


React Native is one of the most used frameworks in the mobile app development industry. It comes with a variety of features that help developers create powerful mobile apps. And database is one of the most important factors in React Native app development that app creators should take care of. 

Many times apps built with React Native face difficulty in performing nicely due to lack of efficiency in the database. As a result, it impacts the overall performance.  Therefore, it is important to integrate the right database. To guide you on this, we have listed the 7 best databases that you could choose in React Native App Development Company

But before that, 

What is meant by database?

A database is a platform that organizes and collects information or data in a structured format in software, web, or mobile application. This database platform is also called a database management system that is used in frameworks to build solutions for various purposes such as improving business processes, data processing, tracking users, or storing data. 

Best Databases To Be Used With React Native Framework

There are many databases for React native app development. But below are the most popular and widely used local databases which are used by developers and companies in various use cases. So let’s take a look at these. 

1. Realm

Realm is an old database that has been used since 2004. It is an open-source and object-oriented database for developing web and mobile applications. Realm Database provides good features that help in developing a performing and scalable mobile app with React Native. For example, its two main components like Realm database and Realm object server. 

These elements help mobile applications to automatically synchronize data, enabling offline capability, and create functionality for a wide range of use cases. This database has its own search engine so developers don’t need additional tools for integrating database solutions. 

Realm can be used with various popular languages like Java, JavaScipt, Kotlin, Objective-C, Kotlin, and .NET. Due to all these advantages, the top React Native app development company uses Realm for database solutions. 

Key benefits:

  • Eay-to-use
  • Faster development
  • Offer offline capability
  • Provides a rich set of APIs
  • Cross-platform support
  • Good support for documentation

2. SQLite

SQLite is also one of the top local databases for React Native app development. It is a relational database management system that helps developers solve mobile app data storage-related problems. SQLite, as the name suggests, is a lightweight database that requires the least setup and resources for database management. React Native developers use this local database to write content into different files. It stores data in plain text format which can be encrypted using the SQLite Encryption Extension (SSE).

Key benefits

  • Allows to save data in the cross-platform database file
  • Provides TCL integration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Cost-efficient and lightweight

3. Firebase

Firebase is Google’s database platform which is widely used in web and mobile app development solutions. It is a NoSQL local database that is used in MVC-based React Native app development solutions which need a high-level database. 

Firebase is quite suitable for developing a React Native app that requires offline synchronization and updating of data. It also provides a dedicated tool for tracking bugs in the React Native app. Besides this, Firebase allows developers to remove data from the Google Server.  

It is also compatible with SOX regulations which makes it highly beneficial for developing mobile app solutions for the banking and fintech industry. Therefore, many React Native App Developers choose this local database.

Key benefits

  • Easy integration with React Native apps
  • Offers multi-platform support for data synchronization
  • Provides offline capability
  • Easy documentation
  • Rapid prototyping

4. PouchDB

PouchDB is an open-source and JavaScript-based local database platform. It is an in-line local database that uses NoSQL, particularly for developing offline-first web and mobile applications. PouchDB is a lightweight database that provides cross-platform development support. Therefore, it is highly suitable for React Native app development solutions. PouchDB allows developers to create robust data synchronization and storage solutions. So if you are looking for a lightweigth and feature-rich local database framework, then PouchDB is an ideal choice. 

Key benefits

  • Good cross-platform compatibility
  • Efficient data synchronization ability
  • Its in-browser database saves time 
  • Easy API integration

5. MongoDB

MongoDB is also one of the best local databases for React Native app development. It stores data in JSON docs format. It is a non-relational database and offers good support for dynamic schemas. MongoDB performs ACID transactions and has the capability to receive a large number of queries at a time. 

This local database has a convenient JavaScript API for search queries and offers a simplified search process. MongoDB offers a wide range of powerful features that help developers in create apps at an efficient rate and thus reduce their React native app development cost. 

Key benefits

  • Ad-hoc queries for optimized analytics
  • Better data synchronization 
  • Dynamc doument schemas
  • Good support for code-native data access
  • Cost-efficient

6. Watermelon DB

This is also one of the best local databases for React Native projects. It has a great ability to perform large-scale data processing within a minute. Watermelon DB can handle data persistence on slower devices which is highly beneficial for developers since it reduced their development efforts. It is built for developing advanced and complex database solutions for React Native applications. Therefore, Watermelon DB is widely preferred for enterprise-scale React Native app development projects. 

Key benefits

  • Smooth data plugging
  • Good offline-first support
  • Automatically renders UI
  • Support app developer on SQLite foundation

7. BerkeleyDB

BerkeleyDB is Oracle’s open-source library that provides high-end database solutions. This is a NoSQL database that offers wide support for developing large and complex React Native applications. It allows developers to build custom data management solutions with smooth processes. BerkeleyDB offers wide support for integrating APIs in React Native apps for Android and iOS platforms. Since it has the ability to handle data in several ways so it enables the app to perform complex level data processing tasks efficiently and easily. 

Key benefits

  • It has an embedded database for fast performance
  • Portable library
  • Ability to handle large-size data processing
  • Open-source database

To Wrap Up

Choosing the right local database for React Native app development is highly crucial since it affects the performance and data processing ability of the app. Hence, when you select any database for your React Native project make sure you accurately define your database integration requirements for the app. 
The best way here is to take assiatnce from an expert developer or a dedicated React Native app development company. However, the above lists contain the best local databases that you confidently use for your React native project.