6 Top Social Media Feed Plugins For WordPress Website In 2023

Driving engagement to the website can be a hard nut to crack for marketers and business owners. But thanks to the arrival of social media platforms, driving engagement is now easy-peasy.

Over the past few years, embedding social media content on the website has become a marketing trend. But when you look at it from a marketing perspective, it is not just a flashy trend. It has helped millions of businesses to build social proof and credibility apart from bringing engagement to their websites.

Therefore, in this blog, we are talking about a social media feed plugin for WordPress that helps in achieving all these perks. So stick around and read what’s in store for you.

6 Mind-Blowing Social Media Feed Plugins in 2023

Choosing a perfect social media feed plugin can be tough. No matter what plugin you choose, it should be customizable to showcase your brand image, have a responsive design, and be easy on the pocket. Have a look at the list to choose the best for your business.

1. Social Media Feeds Plugin – Tagembed

Tagembed is a leading social media plugin that helps businesses fetch engagement for their business website. With Tagembed, you can easily embed social media widget on WordPress website. And all of Tagembed’s themes and layouts are beautiful and responsive. The customization feature of this plugin is immensely diverse.

From fonts to themes, you can customize everything. With Tagembed, you get many themes to meet the look of your brand image. You can also lay your hands on the moderation panel; this helps you to scrutinize the social media content you do not wish to showcase on the widget. You can also change the card style and card curve style. The best part is that it has a responsive design; no matter what device your visitors use, the widget will automatically optimize.

The auto-update feature updates the content on the widget without any delay. Apart from that, Tagembed gives you a feature where you can easily hide the old post from your live social wall.

2. Shared Counts

Shared Counts is another great social media feed plugin that helps you increase your webpage’s traffic and engagement. It helps the readers to share your pages with their friends. The Shared Counts has many social buttons, such as Facebook share button, Pinterest Pin Button, Twitter Tweet Button, etc.

They also include many share ample button styling options that help the users to pick the best one for their website. Such customization helps the brand to make its website look more visually appealing. Their dynamic caching system helps to minimize the queries while you refresh the newer content faster.

Shared Counts also claims to be developer friendly. This means you can customize everything on the plugin through coding.

3. Monarch Plugin

Monarch is yet another great plugin that you can use to embed social media feed on WordPress website. Monarch provides you with a floating sidebar. It is an effective and sleekiest way to showcase your social sharing icons to any of your websites. Monarch also allows you to place the sharing button above or below content or both areas.

The automatic pop-up and fly-in feature let you grab the readers’ attention when they are most engaged on the webpage. The after-inactivity feature enables the users to recatch the visitors’ attention if they are inactive on your page for a long time. You can also pick the icon orientation; for example, you can change the color of the icon button.

4. SmashBalloon

Smash Balloon is a fantastic social media feed plugin that helps business owners, marketers, and bloggers to showcase their social media presence on websites. It has an easy-to-set-up custom social feed. This means you require no coding to set up this plugin. You can add multiple social media feeds that are 100% SEO friendly.

You can also use this plugin’s customization feature to match your brand’s look. Smash Ballon helps you to auto-inherits the styles from your theme. This plugin also claims to have lightning-fast load time.

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is an amazing plugin that is feature-rich. With the customization feature, users have total control over how the social media button will look on your site. Like all the other plugins in the list, you can easily install this plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

You can enable the Image Hover Pin Button. This will place a “Pin” button over every image inside your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This feature makes the images on your webpage highly shareable.

The free version of the plugin offers you very few features. For example, the Share Recovery feature helps you recover Lost Share Counts. Moreover, it also has link shortening and button click tracking features.

6. Revive Old Posts

Another great social media feed plugin on our list is Revive Old Posts. This plugin lets you share your old or new posts on WordPress website from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This plugin also allows you to track the clicks and helps you know what suits the best for your audience. You can also select the number of posts to share. Using this plugin, you can also set a time interval to share the social media content on the website. You can also integrate this social media feed plugin with Google analytics. However, most of these features are available in the plugin’s premium version. And sadly, the pricing of this plugin is a bit on the higher side.

In A Nutshell

This blog will help you choose the appropriate social media feed plugin for WordPress website. Always remember, before you start creating social media widget on WordPress website, you need to have enough engaging content on the platform in the first place. If your content is not engaging, it will not fetch your engagement on the website.

You can use the above-mentioned social media plugin for WordPress website and see your website grow like crazy!