6 Latest mobile application development trends 

Mobile application development trends

From kids using gaming and education apps to elders using apps to listen to stories, mobile apps are a common term for everyone. No wonder why we get the revenue statistics for mobile apps as mentioned below.

Statista says that by 2022, the mobile app industry will have a revenue of USD 693 billion.

The mobile application industry is evolving and scaling up constantly. With a lot of tech developments and inventions, mobile apps grow faster. This is the reason why custom mobile app development company focus on various mobile application development trends.

In this post, you will read about some latest trends in application development. So, let us start by knowing a bit about mobile application development.

Mobile application development 

Today, many start-ups invest in mobile and website applications. Rather, the mobile application is a favorite choice of many businesses. This is because the following is the number of mobile phone users in the world.

Statista says that there will be 7690 million smartphone users in the world by 2027. 

Thus, mobile app development gets an edge will many established and newbie businesses. But why do many apps fail?

This is because they do not follow the latest trends or tech advancements in this field. Therefore, here are some latest mobile application development trends you should go for.

6 Latest mobile application development trends 

Amongst many trends going viral, we are sharing with you 6 advanced mobile application development trends.

Let us start!

Privacy is taken care of!

There are many applications developed each day. In addition, many of them make use of cloud or internet-based links. While users subscribe to some of the favorable links, privacy can be a major concern.

Many users switch service providers just for the reason of privacy. Taking this into consideration, data privacy is the top priority for users as well as developers.

Apps with more focus on the camera

Do you know, earlier the phones used to have very low resolution and quality of the camera. From then to now some mobiles offer excellent camera quality, and the development is phenomenal. 

In addition, the trending work-from-home culture is demanding the massive use of audio/video calls which again needs good camera quality. 

Therefore, this space in mobile application development seems to have greater attention in the future.

Banking is focusing on mobile applications.

Statista says that 86% of US banks offer mobile bill-paying services.

Mobile application with payment options is one of the mobile banking trends. Many big organizations are already investing a lot in it. For example, payment options enabled by Facebook and WhatsApp are a quite popular app payment options.

Technologies play a vital role.

There are various emerging technologies being used. In addition, various applications make use of these technologies. For example, augmented reality is much popular technology in the gaming field. Apart from that, many marketers are making use of AR, VR, the metaverse, etc. to enhance customers’ buying experience.

M-commerce and food and grocery delivery apps

In the pandemic situation, many of us started ordering groceries and medicines online. Though the online delivery service was there before the pandemic, the boom for mobile commerce, food, and grocery delivery raised after the situation. And it continues to grow in the future.

5G will rise and stay!

Many countries are already having the benefit of this technology. 5G offers greater speed and bandwidth. It is more than just fast downloading and uploading. As many businesses will benefit largely from this growth. 

In addition, 5G mobile apps will be faster, and latency will be reduced significantly. Due to 5G speed, many applications like banking for payments, and data transfer will be quicker. Companies offering custom app development services can help you achieve this and many other mobile application development trends.


There are many more mobile app trends. The above were glimpses of them. Moreover, trends keep evolving with time and overall tech advancements. If you wish to develop a successful application for your business, it is vital to keep track of them. It will keep you updated, and ahead of the game!