5 Best Tourist Attractions in New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

If you are looking for the best places to visit in New Orleans, then guys, you are at the right location. The city is located on the Mississippi River, known for its music scene and European-style architecture.

The city will allow you to have a magical experience with its food scene, unique cuisines, and cocktail culture in contrast to its architecture, some amazing museums, and tourist attractions.

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1. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Don’t miss the heritage festival in New Orleans that features the best and offers everything from music and food. Catch the city’s eclectic culture, in this perfect Jazz Fest. The fest in total attracts thousands of music lovers from across the globe. 

2. The Chloe

The famous attraction in New Orleans is the Chloe which is located in the vibrant uptown Louisanna neighborhood. A lot of people visit Chloe to get an experience of staying at a former Victorian-era family mansion. This also combines the beauty of prudently curated artworks with modern comforts. 

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3. New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours

If are you searching for some adventure in New Orleans, then head to Coastal Louisiana. This area offers several unexplored hidden delights. The list includes the rich biodiversity and beauty to be found in its cypress-filled bayous. Go for the New Orleans Kayak Tours that take you across the rich natural world of this swampland. Adore the unique flora and fauna found here.

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4. Saint Louis Cemetery

The cemetery in New Orleans has French and Spanish historical ties. This means that residents are Catholic. Watch the cemetery features that are unique aboveground tombs. The tombs make it appear like a small whitewashed city. in addition, the graves present here to hold the remains of famous city figures. 

The list has Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and sugar industry pioneer Etienne de Bore. There is a grave of Homer Plessy, one of the first activists against America’s racial segregation laws, who is also interred here. there are many other burial grounds in the U.S., people have to pay to get in here.

5. Haunted History Tour

If you are fond of haunted locations, then visit the French Quarter. This attraction is the most iconic and frightening location. Known as the hotspot for paranormal investigators and historical videographers, this place tells tales of renowned hauntings from your local guide. 

Some prefer a nocturnal walking tour of scary places all throughout the French Quarter. This includes spots like the LaLaurie Mansion, that will submerge you in New Orleans’ haunting heritage.

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