5 Best Fasting Apps to Use in 2022 to Adopt Intermittent Fasting Habit

Intermittent fasting is not a new way of adopting a healthy lifestyle. But over the last few years, people have put a lot of importance on adopting this lifestyle.

Intermittent fasting is basically a way of eating that alternates between periods of complete fasting and eating normally.

Many people use different approaches to adopt the habit of intermittent fasting. While a large group of people use mobile phone apps to keep track of their fasting.

In the article below, we have listed the best fasting apps that you can use to adopt this habit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want to get your app designed, contact the best mobile app development services in the USA.

5 Best Fasting Apps

There is a long list of apps available in the market that you can use to adopt intermittent fasting habit, but we have selected the top 5 intermittent fasting apps for you:

1. Zero Fasting

In the list of best fasting apps, we rank this app first. Zero tracks your fasting hours and tells you the time to eat with a simple swipe. This way intermittent fasting can be even easier and not just having a calorie count.

What makes this app different from others is its simplicity and minimalist app design. Furthermore, it is absolutely free.

We highly recommend using this app in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

2. BodyFast

It is also one of the super cool intermittent fasting apps. It has over 23 million downloads. This app allows you to frequently switch between different types of fasting, depending upon your goals and the body shape that you put effort to achieve.

It offers weekly challenges and trophies to keep you motivated and on track.

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3. Simple: Intermittent Fasting

Simple is one of the best apps for people who are starting to live the life of intermittent fasting, i.e. for beginners. With this app, you keep a track of your meals and hydration in depth.

It frequently sends notifications for reminders and tips about fasting. It is compatible with both HealthApp and FitBit. So, choose from a variety of plans right now according to your weight loss plan or mindful eating.

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4. MyFitnessPal

Do you want to have a habit of intermittent fasting also, you don’t want to give up on your favourite food? Then this app is made for you. MyFitnessPal does not require you to eliminate carbs or count calories. It helps you to eat healthier.

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With a large community with more than 80 million app downloads, it is one of the best fasting apps in 2022.

5. Fast Diet Tracker

If intermittent fasting has always been a dream for you but you always lack the motivation to start it then this app might prove to be a breakthrough for you. Because it provides users a daily dose of motivation with success stories and tips and tricks to adopt this healthy habit.

What people love about this app is that it can track weight loss and meal timing as well as set goals. With Fast Diet Tracker, you take quizzes on intermittent fasting and stay motivated.

Ending Notes

Intermittent fasting is a healthy lifestyle and a lot of people are trying to adopt it. In the article above, we discussed the best fasting apps that you can choose to start your habit of intermittent fasting right now.

If you want to develop your very own customized fasting app and make money through it, then contact the mobile app development company in your region.