4 Sensual exercises for couples to boost their relationship

romantic couple

Sexual intimacy is a combination of physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual bonds or
connections between partners.

The closeness is developed as they spend time with each other. This may include
communicating their wishes and desires regularly, eating together, exploring different places to
spend some quality time, etc. These activities and efforts make their relationship stronger.

However, with time their intimate spark tends to fade. Due to the same routine and the rush of
daily life, many couples experience the withering of their sexual relationship. Therefore, they
begin to look for effective solutions to rekindle that love and passion for each other. During
their search, they come across various tips such as changing sex locations, trying different sex
positions, and incorporating the best-selling condoms.

No doubt, these are some powerful methods to sexually attract your partner. But how about
adding the magic of sensual exercises to naturally have a deeply engaging sex life? Not only this
will aid in maintaining well-being but will boost sexual stamina for eventful intercourse.
Let’s explore some amazing intimate exercises to amplify intimate moments with your partner.

Rhythmic Breathing Exercise

One of the most effective exercises to rekindle is the Rhythmic breathing exercise. This
technique involves breathing in a synchronised manner.

You and your partner can start this exercise by facing each other or sitting back to back. After
having the desired position, you can begin taking deep breaths in tandem.

Practising this exercise enhances the feeling of love. The experience of touch aligned with deep
breaths embraces a natural feeling of connectedness.

Caressing and touching

Next on the list, we have to caress and touch. After being in a relationship for a long time, there
are chances that you might feel distant or distracted due to daily hustle and bustle. As a result,
there will be a lack of the feeling of touch and engagement.

Thankfully, this exercise can help bring back the magic of touch. All you have to do is take out
10-15 minutes in a day to spend time caressing and touching each other’s bodies softly.

Furthermore, you can practise foreplay with your favourite flavoured condom to stir things up
pleasurably. This way you can get closer to your partner in the most adorable ways of touching.

Soul gazing

In this exercise to increase closeness, you will simply sit face to face and gaze into each other’s
eyes while pretending that the eyes are a “window into the soul.” This practice is a classic and
you will realise it when you will perform it with your beloved.

You can try putting on sassy music to create an appropriate atmosphere. Many couples have
reaped the maximum benefits of soul-gazing exercise. Now it’s your turn!

Long cuddle

The list cannot be complete without mentioning long cuddle exercises. This is one of the best
and most effective exercises to boost your sex relationship.

Not to mention, it is an easy exercise which can be practised any time of the day. Cuddling is a
great gesture to show your love and affection to your partner. Doing it frequently ensures

Just make sure to hold onto your partner a little longer than usual. This will set the hallmark for
closeness in your sex lives. Plus, your partner will appreciate your efforts in the most wildest
and fantasised ways.

Along with the above-mentioned exercises, uninterrupted listening and conscious sensuality
are some other exercises which can contribute to fueling your withering sexual derives.
Perform them every now and then to witness maximum results.

Furthermore, following some bedtime exercises such as keeping away your phones, massaging
each other, showing gratitude, tingling, etc. These small initiatives make a lot of difference in
enhancing your sexual bond. Also, you may not see this coming but your partner can get turned
on and lead the way to an exotic main event.