10 Important Information To Include In Your Wedding Photography Contract

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography In Hawkhurst

Hawkhurst is currently a popular destination for weddings. This scenic village in Kent is growing in popularity due to its ancientness. This has increased the number of people looking for wedding photographer In Hawkhurst. It is not complicated, you can hire a wedding photographer who is willing to travel. 

On the other hand, this is not about photography. The importance of wedding photography is undeniable, rather we will take a look at the photography contract. Today most agreements are accomplished on simple texts and their word is taken for it. When it comes to wedding photography, you should be a bit more careful and have a well-worded written contract. Here are 10 things you must include in the contract with your Wedding Photographer.

The Devil Is In The Details

This is what most people tend to forget when it comes to contracts. Everything may seem well and good from the outside. A detailed look will bring out the issues. Keep this in mind when you draft a contract with your wedding photographer In Hawkhurst. 

The contract should include the full name or the company details of the wedding photographer. It should also include your or your partner’s full name. This contract is a legal document that will protect your and the photographers’ rights in case problems pop up later. With this in mind, ensure that the contract has the full name, address, and important details of everyone involved in the contract. 

Don’t Forget The Dates 

The dates are one of the most important aspects of Wedding Photography In Hawkhurst. There is no point if the photographer arrives on the 15 of June when your wedding is on the 14th of June. Well, jokes aside, dates are consequential when it comes to wedding photography. 

Make sure that the contract outlines all the important dates when the photoshoots will take place. If you’ve hired different photographers for the ceremony, after-party, and reception be sure to include the time and date in their respective contracts. If you’ve hired a single photographer for all of these events, then you need to ensure that the contract covers this in detail.

Outline The Duties And Responsibilities

A wedding takes up almost the whole day. The ceremony itself may be small, but the photography will cover a whole range of areas. This means that the wedding photographer In Hawkhurst will spend almost the whole day with you. 

Keep in mind that the photographer will need to eat and will need equipment. Some couples add the photographer as a guest so that their food is covered, while others prefer not to take this responsibility. Include this in the contract so the photographer knows how prepared they need to be. 

In Case Of A Cancellation

During certain seasons, Wedding Photographers are booked without a break. If you hire your Wedding Photographer during such a season, they may be forgoing other clients for you. This way, if you cancel or move your wedding date, they will be taking a financial hit. Moreover, if the wedding photographer has overbooked and decides to cancel too close to the wedding, it will be your loss. 

Be sure to cover both scenarios in the contract. This is the best way to protect both parties involved. Whether you want to include a fee for cancellation or any other clause, should be stated in the contract.

Schedule The Payment Ahead Of Time

People’s services are valuable and should be respected. The same applies to Wedding Photographers. Their services are valuable and their living should be respected. This means that you should pay them on time. Leaving them in limbo is highly disrespectful and they may not offer their services for anything else. 

Discuss the payment plan and include it in the contract. Many people prefer to pay in portions while others prefer to pay the deposit and the rest at the end. While this is between you and your photographer, you should include this in the contract. This way, you can avoid any issues from arising later. 

The Importance Of Ownership And Copyright

This is one of the most underestimated clauses in wedding photography. Who do the pictures belong to? Can the photographer use your wedding photos to advertise their work? Are they allowed to use it in their portfolio? These are important discussions you should have. This is especially important if you opt for boudoir photography. 

This will determine if and how the photographer can utilize your photographs. Adding this to the contract is the best way to protect yourself from misuse. You can always take them to court if they use your pictures anywhere other than your photo album. Or, conversely, you can give them permission to some or all of your wedding photographs. 

From The Photographer’s Point Of View

Photographs, wedding or otherwise, are never delivered raw. They are edited and improved upon. This will be true enough for your wedding photographs. Editing and post-production work takes a lot of time. It is also a lot of effort. 

These requirements should be included in the contract. This way all aspects of the photography will be covered. You will also not miss out on anything. 

Additional Charges And Fees

These will vary according to various factors. If your photographer is not located in Hawkhurst, they will have to travel there. Other than location permits and editing charges count as well. Moreover, most photographers will charge extra for printing and compiling it into an album. These will vary but you should include them in the contract without fail. 

This will ensure that you will not be faced with any extra charges at the end of the day. All the costs and payments will be in the contract and neither party can cheat the other. 

Add The Timeline

Wedding photography means shooting the pictures, editing them, digital release, and then printouts. These timelines should be clearly stated in the contract. You will not only know exactly when you will receive the photos but they will also be added to your contract. The photographer cannot irresponsibly delay your work as they take on other jobs.