10 finest Explainer Video Examples You Need to See

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Catching the attention of your customers is the first you need to do before selling your product. We can see brand ads and publicity stunts as some good examples in this regard. Whether a company or an entrepreneur wishes to sell their product or service, they must acclimatize with their target audience. There’s no better way could be than spreading explainer videos across different internet channels. YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and relevant ones are the perfect web spaces.

Furthermore, not everybody reads text or skims through blogs and articles these days. Visuals are an exception that attracts customers and helps brands convey their message convincingly. Shockingly, 1 in 3 Americans doesn’t even know how to use the Internet. They require assistance while navigating websites, products, services, and such. This is when videos come into play. Today, various video-based software and platforms allow persons and brands to create videos.

However, when it comes to video content, anyone can understand the entire brand or concept in one go. It is the primary reason online businesses and brands use different video types. They’re moving ahead of written content and vivid visuals to something more imaginative – 3D animation explainer videos. We all know that explanatory videos are about someone speaking about a specific product or service. But sometimes, adding animations and other special effects can extemporize their educational purpose.

What is the definition of an Explainer Video?

Unlike regular camera-capture videos, animations, whiteboard videos, screencast videos, and others, explainers are a blend of everything. Yes, you heard it right! These are generally shorter in length and to the point. There is no fancy characters or decoration, but a clear message people and brands want to convey to clients. Hence, explainer videos are brand or subject highlights that provide essential information.

These communicate directly with the viewers and educate them about the specific topic, theme, or thing. Explainer videos increase product knowledge, boost sales, and create lucrative opportunities. They also help customers make better decisions when choosing the product(s) many brands offer.

Today, we’ll not cover the typical 10 steps and techniques to create explainer videos but show some prime examples. Below are the best explainer video examples to take inspiration from:

1. HubSpot

It’s one of the best software companies for digital marketing. It offers various tools and provides tips and tricks via blogs on its website. Since HubSpot is the OG of eCommerce and everything online marketing covers, explaining it with words is impossible. It is the main reason this explainer video puts everything in perfect order for clients. You’ll catch up with everything essential the platform provides in just 180 seconds.

2. Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Whiteboard

Who doesn’t know about MS Office, specifically about MW Word? The Office 365 software mobilizes writers and their projects on phones and tablets. The Microsoft team demonstrates the benefit of whiteboards with writing. They’ve created an explainer video that uses attention-grabbing characters and animations to attract global audiences.

3. Dropbox

One of the best boxes you can use for your files if you’re moving from place to place like movers. No, you’re not changing your dwelling space but are often traveling. Therefore, you need something that helps organize your important files in one place. Dropbox is a great software that puts your files in ONE BOX for all your devices. The explainer videos show you how to save your files on your PC and retrieve the same from your phones and tablets.

4. TED-Ed– 1 is equal to 1, or not?

Do you want to learn and interact simultaneously? If yes, then watch the intriguing TED-Ed videos explaining maths and statistics in the most brilliant examples. Check out this explainer video that feels like a breath of fresh air.  

5. TripCase

Don’t fall off the chair in excitement when going on a vacation. Indeed, traveling is something we all yearn for in our life. Sometimes even joyful family journeys become a hassle when we’re unable to prepare for them up to the mark. Thanks to the Trip case app that helps us organize everything for the perfect holiday. Here’s an explainer video showing how this app can help you make your leisure outings a memorable adventure.

6. Upwork

Unquestionably, Upwork is one of the best freelancing platforms we can use to earn passive income. Companies and entrepreneurs can easily hire professional individuals from here at affordable rates. It is also effective in the vice-versa sense, where professionals pursue big brands and startup owners. Here’s a well-thought-out explainer video to tell you everything about it.

7. Airwallex  

Online shopping is happening everywhere in the world – and homes where people are busing browsing their favorite products online. The main challenging task is to access and use payment platforms. Here’s a great explainer video by Airwallex. It demonstrates how it makes money accessible for companies and clients.

8. Slack

Since its early days, Slack has been using animations on its official websites alongside an explainer video. It ensures that every loyal client and new customer gets familiar with them in the most meaningful way possible. Slack is also famous for circulating its explainer video across different platforms. You can find their videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels.

9. Airbnb

Airbnb is the biggest marketplace for hotel room accommodation, holiday residency stays, and tourism. It has become a household name for traveling, holidays, and world tours. This explainer video explains everything in a much easier way.

10. Ahrefs

Following in the footsteps of HubSpot, Ahrefs has created an equally exciting explainer video. But the latter company went further with beautifying it with animations and other special effects. Click here to view the explainer video, proving the eminent SEO firm is more than just website optimization.


Unquestionably, explainer videos are excellent instruments brands use to interact with clients to date. So, you better try them now. Explainer videos are absorbingly educational and equally intriguing to watch. Besides, you can add real-time footage, lively animations, high-quality visuals, storytelling, etc.

Explainer videos are indeed highly creative. They also aid in conveying business missions and brand messages more clearly. Unlike textual and imagery content, these videos clear the obscurity that might hinder communications between those involved in the dealing.